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With the recently reported news of Suicide Squad currently in the midst of re-shoots, I thought it would be a great time to talk about some events that would be awesome to see in the upcoming movie. Batman v Superman was financially successful, but the Squad now holds the lion's share of the burden to carry the DCEU into critical success. I try not to let past movies make any difference to my excitement about upcoming movies in their respective canon.

You know what would be awesome? If Batman: The Killing Joke is made canon within the DCEU. I understand why you would release it this summer, but I think it would give some much-wanted backstory to the history of DC's two biggest names without taking up too much of the precious budget of a live-action portrayal. Any who, here are 8 things that I would love to see go down in Suicide Squad.

1. Dick Grayson is in the movie

Would the DCEU's version of Batman really allow a bunch of super-villains go out in the world without being monitored? No way! But with a death of one his Robins; would he still want to use Dick in this fashion? Then again, there's no concrete proof which Robin bit the curb and died and from a narrative viewpoint, it doesn't make much sense to have the O.G. Robin dead.

I wished I could tell you with certainty that Scott Eastwood was playing Grayson and he is an undercover agent in Batman's arsenal. BvS barely hinted at anything besides a costume, but this is too good of an opportunity to pass up in this movie.

2. Everyone in the movie acts like such dicks!

There's no room for pleasantries in a movie with suicide in the title. Everyone should hate everyone and that's it. These people are forced to do this impossible mission with a crew made-up of the most unsavory characters at DC. I don't expect this to be like GotG where everyone got along at the end (for the most part), but something entirely different instead.

3. A lot more than one death for The Squad

Amanda Waller should kill one of the members right when they act out - and they will definitely act out. If that reminds you of a certain animated movie recently released by DC, then you understand where I'm coming from! Assault on Arkham, like most animated movies from DC, blends the perfect combination of comic book zaniness and a respect for the source material.

Amanda Waller needs to be positioned in a place that shows she's a major player in DC's Extended Universe. When the Justice League is finally formed, one of their main deterrents (antagonists?) should be big ol' bad Amanda Waller. Then sporadically throughout the movie, people die. (I know this has nothing to do with anything, but just check this out and tell me in the comments if you think it's funny! CCH Pounder played Waller in Justice League: TAS; it's too funny!)

4. Batman needs to beat the living sh*t outta The Joker

Do they vacuum seal The Bat's costume?
Do they vacuum seal The Bat's costume?

I want to see the reason why The Joker needed a grill to look Miami-Chic in Suicide Squad. I wouldn't mind seeing this right at the beginning of the movie. We already know that Harley and Joker are involved in a car chase with The Batman. I want to see Bruce lose control and go H.A.M on both of them, to be perfectly honest.

Since Harley is with The Clown Prince of Crime, we should expect Batman to pull no punches while apprehending the criminals. This is supposedly to go down after the events of BvS and remember, it looked like Batty had a change of heart by not branding Lex.

5. The weirder the better

Bust out the robes and lotions... wait, huh? No, I don't want to see an orgy-filled villain escapade, well, not so soon in the DCEU. I want to see some weird witchcraft with Enchantress and I want to have a disconcerting feeling throughout the movie and when it's over, I should be questioning whether to tell people how much I truly enjoyed this weird and wonderful movie.

6. Expand DC's myths

DC approached their cinematic universe in a way that they're portraying gods among men. I'm not the biggest fan of this, simply because I root against gods in almost every movie they're in. However, this does in fact lead you into some grand storytelling opportunities that you need to build from quickly to make it plausible in future offerings.

Why can't the villains fight in a sunset that is befalling the city with hues of orange, red, and with darkness waiting on the edge, instead of fighting in the rain like in BvS? They can go down so many routes to extend their universe in an awesome and villainous fashion.

7. The Joker should steal the show

Now, I don't mean he should have a huge part in the movie, but the scenes he's in needs to get everyone talking about how bad-ass he his. This will go a long way in helping DC's success in future films. It's impossible to live up to Heath Ledger's version and he doesn't have to. It's the same thing with Batfleck, we just want someone amazing and that doesn't make us wish for the old version.

I would love for S.S. to take after Assault on Arkham in the manner that Joker is barely heard from until the end. You have one scene in the present and maybe two flashbacks to explain his and Harley's relationship. I'm wondering how they're going to introduce all of these characters? Probably with flashbacks and please, please keep the dream sequences down.

8. Action-packed

Let's spend the first act establishing these characters and what they exactly do. Most of these characters are not household names. Recently, I asked people if they knew who Harley and Deadshot were and they had no clue! After we're introduced to the main characters, let them have fun. This movie does not have a good reason to spend that much time on any these character's motivations. They're criminals and they were marked 'Worst. Heroes. Ever!'. I want to see balls-to-wall action with a simple explanation on what's going down. There are only two characters that they need to focus on; Harley and Floyd, because they're what people want to see.


I'm a fanboy, but if this movie is a failure than you know my heart will sink, because after three films being met with such disdain from critics usually means that WB will be desperate to achieve. We all know that with desperation sometimes comes greatness, but more times than not, poorly made material. But i still have faith and we'll find out this August 5th when Suicide Squad hit theaters in the United States!

What do you want to see in Suicide Squad?


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