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Batman v Superman is finally out and the internet is pretty divided on how good the movie is. One thing that people seem to be agreeing on, is that Ben Affleck played a fantastic Batman. He may have done some questionable decisions and proved to be quite controversial, but I like many of you, think Affleck was a tremendous Batman. The question is, where does he stand among the rest of the Dark Knights? Read below to find out!

8. Val Kilmer

Very shiny suits
Very shiny suits

Val Kilmer only starred in one Batman movie and it wasn't the worst Batman movie, but this list is for the actors in the costumes, not the movies themselves. I really wasn't a fan of Kilmers Batman, though I will say he did have the Bruce Wayne playboy persona pretty decent. It's a big struggle for actors to balance being a great Batman and a gret Bruce Wayne.

It is quite possible that Kilmer wasn't himself filming this role. It's reported that Val Kilmer and Joel Schumacher clashed during filming. Schumacher described Kilmer as "childish and impossible". According to Schumacher, Kilmer refused to talk to him for two weeks. But then again that movie was plagued with little arguments as it's also reported that Tommy Lee Jones hated Jim Carey and even told him that!

Anyway, for me Kilmer is the poorest of all the Batman's and for that reason he comes in 8th on the list.

Verdict: Not the right kind of cheese and poor in the cowl

7. George Clooney

I think this is one of the biggest missed chances in movie history. George Clooney is one of the best actors in Hollywood and he looks the part, perfect mix, right? Not quite. With the result of a very poor film and a tired franchise comes a Batman that could've been. The costume was a mess, as we already know and the film was just very poor in general.

As a Bruce Wayne, I enjoyed his performance, despite the movie being one of the worst comic-book adaptations to date. Maybe some he could return and give it a second go (if fans would let him), because I think he'd do a really good job! *waiting for the fans' pitchforks*

However, this list is for the previous Batman actors and unfortunately Clooney has got to be near the bottom of the list.. It's cool though, he's apologized for the movie at least 2 times, he's off the hook.

Verdict: Right actor, wrong time

6. Christian Bale

Christian Bale's Batman graced us with the perfect Batman trilogy, one we dreamed of and finally got. I know the 2 performances before this weren't all that good, but that's not a reflection on Bale's Batman. We're in the final 6 actors who all did great jobs respectively.

I loved Christian Bale as Batman, even what people say about his voice, I thought it was the way Batman should be! I just wasn't overly fond of his Bruce Wayne. We got glimpses of Bruce Wayne's playboy persona, but I think some more arrogant confidence and parties from the character would have elevated Bale's performance

He still remains a well and true Batman that is the Dark Knight for a whole generation. He gave Ben Affleck advice on being Batman the day Affleck was cast basically telling him to make sure he has a zip in the costume!

Verdict: The Dark Knight we needed, got and deserved

5. Adam West

Adam West's Batman is one of the most iconic figures in comic-book adaptation history and he is loved among all Batman fans. His cheese humor along with his campy gadgets are all hilarious to watch now but you have to remember where Batman started off and Adam West illustrates that.

My favorite Adam West Batman scene of all time is the one below, if you've never seen it then you'll love it, Check it out!

Verdict: Perfect amount of cheese - an icon

4. Will Arnett

The Lego Movie was one of 2014 best movies, with a phoenomnal cast that made for one of my favorite animations ever. Will Arnett's Batman stole every scene he was in showcasing his dark and serious Batman.

His character was so funny that we (thankfully) have a stand-alone Batman Lego Movie coming out next year! The trailer is out and it looks absolutely amazing! I can't wait to see more of this character as he shows a completely new side to Batman mixing the dark character with some slapstick humor. Check out the trailer for his new movie below!

Verdict: Best of both worlds

3. Michael Keaton

Old is gold, but it doesn't make it the best.. Michael Keaton gave us a defining Batman, one that without him, we wouldn't be where we are today with Batman. He was darker and more grounded and gave Gotham a realistic tone that was unmistakable back in 1989.

He starred in two Batman movies, both directed by Tim Burton and many people consider Keaton's Batman to be the best. You can hardly blame them seeing as it was the Batman of their generation, the one they grew up with, but does this make him the best? Not necessarily.

I love Keaton's Batman, but I just thin he Batman could've been a little tougher and maybe have a little less mercy. Nonetheless, he is iconic and will forever be remembered as one of the best.

Verdict: the tone setting Batman

2. Ben Affleck

I wasn't a big fan of Batman v Superman, I was quite unhappy with it. In saying that, I did love Ben Affleck behind the cowl as Batman, he was the on-screen version I've always dreamed of! He was intensely dark and broodingly angry and made for a perfect aged Batman.

We will definitely be seeing more of Affleck as Batman down the years with stand-alone movies and Justice League films too. This means he could play Batsy more than anybody on the big-screen! I'm totally in favor of this, imagine having an actor we didn't like in tons of movies down the road? It would suck. Thankfully, we have a dark knight in Ben Affleck.

Verdict: The dawn after the darkness

1. Kevin Conroy

True Batman fans will know this man to be the most influential and perfect Batman to ever grace our screens. From the highly acclaimed Batman: Animated Series to the beloved Arkham gaming franchise, this dude has voiced it all. He has loaned his voice to various animated movies and has given Batman the perfect voice for over two decades! No matter what age you are, you will know this mans voice. He has defined the voice of Batman, contributing tons of iconic lines over the years.

His next film will be with the equally talented, Mark Hamill (voice of The Joker) in the highly anticipated, The Killing Joke. It marks yet another pivotal role for Kevin Conroy as the Bat of Gotham in what has been an incredibly illustrious career for the legendary voice actor. A true hero!

Verdict: The Batman

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