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I'm a 21 year old TV Junkie who likes the colour pink and Shania Twain's album 'Come on Over'.

We may only be 3 (and a bit) months into the year but it has already been a great couple of months for our favourite TV shows. Whether you like to binge watch a good series such as GoT, PLL or TWD or just sit back and relax with a sit-com such as Modern Family or New Girl for half an hour, the TV world seriously has something to offer for everyone.

You may think it's a bit premature to be posting a TV challenge for 2016 so early in the year, but it's not as if we're short of any drama at the moment. With our favourite ships about to sail (Stydia), epic cliff-hangers (TWD) and psycho husbands who team up with your evil auntie in an attempt to ruin your life (PLL), right now is actually the perfect time to talk about what has been keeping us so hooked on these shows so far this year.

So, without further ado, here is the 2016 Quick-Fire TV Challenge. Simply create a post, answer the questions and post it into the chat or if you're not a member, you can repost your challenge on tumblr, insta or facebook.


1) Favourite moment so far.

This is a scene that you were watching and you were just on the edge of your seat, or you were so overwhelmed that you cried. It could be anything from an unexpected death or even your ship having one of their (incredibly rare but amazing) moments together.

2) Least favourite moment so far.

Even if it's a programme that you have loved for years, there can be moments where you can't help but pick up your phone, check your Instagram or go and make a coffee, because this particular part of the episode just isn't holding your attention like it has done. This doesn't mean you don't love the show, it just means that the writers are bigger fans of long, drawn-out scenes than you are. Which moment didn't have your full attention?

3) Your current favourite characters.

There's so many good series at the moment that it would be cruel of me to ask you to choose one favourite character out of one show. Choose two of your favourite characters, this can be from one show or two, and give reasons why you're loving them so much right now.

4) Your current Netflix binge.

Netflix has a wide variety of tv shows both old and new and they're constantly updating it. It's ideal for discovering your next binge or just re-watching old faves. So, what's Netflix offering you at the moment?

5) Power couple - which ship is currently floating your boat?

For any Tv junkie, ships are one of the biggest reasons we become hooked to our favourite shows. From Nick and Jess (who don't actually have a ship name) to Ezria, old school Sooric and even our most recent Richonne, we all have our favourite power couples, who in our eyes are just endgame.

Bonus Question - Which show are you most looking forward to returning this year?

With it being April, most shows have actually finished now and we have to wait until later this year for them to return (I know, I have the return dates in my Countdown+ app as well.) 'What is going to happen next?', 'Will so-and-so die?', 'Who is the bad guy?', 'Will they, won't they?', This is what the writers of our favourite shows like to keep us asking ourselves for months on end. So, which show is keeping you guessing right now? And what would you like to see happen next?

My Answers.

1) Favourite moment so far.

There has been plenty of powerful moments on television since January and for a dedicated tv junkie like myself I thought it would be hard to choose, but it hasn't been. My stand-out tv moment happened back in January in the penultimate episode of American Horror Story: Hotel. In this episode Liz Taylor and Iris decided that they wanted the hotel to themselves after all the awful things that the Countess had done to them. So, in order to take down the Countess they would have to kill her, leading to an epic shootout in the last couple of minutes of the ep. Having 'Hotline Bling' as the soundtrack to this scene only made this moment even more epic.

Unfortunately for Iris, she was unaware that while her and Liz were plotting their shootout, her son and The Countess were currently having a heart-to-heart. So, when the two of them came in, with literally all guns blazing, she was not only shooting at The Countess, but Donovan as well. This led to a very emotional moment outside the hotel, where they had to drag his body outside so he wouldn't be trapped in the Cortez forever.

2) Least favourite moment so far.

Even if you're the worlds biggest The Walking Dead enthusiast, you can't deny that they are the kings of boring moments. There has been too many moments where I have completely lost what's going on, even though I haven't missed anything. They are experts at making you wonder if you've lost the plot, and sometimes it's just difficult to stop yourself from checking your Facebook, Twitter or going to kitchen to just open and close the fridge because it's far more interesting than this monologue that Rick is reciting right now.

I don't have a stand-out boring scene, because there are too many to choose from. Sorry TWD fans.

3) Your current favourite characters.

There are so many different television shows, which means there are even more characters to love. So, when it comes to choosing a favourite its a difficult task. We love everyone for different reasons. We all love Jess (New Girl) for her quirky outfits and fun sense of humour, but what about Carol (TWD) who has gotten stronger each series, going from a shy, timid lady to a woman who's not afraid to smash anyone in the head to keep herself and he friends safe.

My personal favourites right now have got to be -

1) Stiles Stilinski (Teen Wolf)

Stiles has always been the comic relief on Teen Wolf, the life and soul of Beacon Hills, but let's not forget that he has also had his fair share at some pretty heavy stories too. Being possessed by an evil Fox spirit in Season 3, causing him to section himself in order to stop trying to kill his friends and family, was a thrill ride to watch.

Stiles really outdid himself this series though, after all the ups and downs and trying to deal with the fact that he killed a guy and then having his relationship with Malia fall to bits because she was too focussed on wanting to kill her Mother, Stiles focused his attention on getting his one true love, Lydia, out of Eichen House and saving the day.

2) Andy (Modern Family)

Andy was a great addition to the Modern, when he joined Gloria and Jays group a few years ago. He was the ideal Nanny for baby Joe and his character has progressed a lot since he first appeared. After ups and down with his long-term (and long-distance) girlfriend, Beth, I think we were all over the moon this season when he finally got together with Hayley, as we've all been waiting for that ship to set sail for far too long.

4) Your current Netflix binge.

I feel like Netflix is doing amazing for itself at the moment, especially with all it's Netflix originals. Late last year I watched the whole of OITNB S3 in 2 days and I'm buzzing for it to come back this year.

But at the moment, I'm currently re-watching an old fave. I decided to start 90210 from the beginning last week, firstly because I haven't seen it for years, I used to have to watch it in real time and wait a week for it come on E4 on Tuesday nights at 9pm. Secondly, I'm watching it because it's bright, sunny and cheerful and sometimes that's the kind of stuff you need to watch at this time of year.

If you haven't watched 90210 before, it's centred around a group of teens, living it up in Beverley Hills and follows all their relationships and dramas. (Like Gossip Girl with more beaches and bikinis.)

5) Power couple - which ship is currently floating your boat?

It's difficult when you've been shipping two people for a while and the writers just keep on making you wait. To me, Stydia is a big deal and luckily for myself and Stydia shippers alike, we may be in luck in Season 6 as writer Jeff Davis has mentioned that Lydia and Stiles' relationship will be a big focus when the show returns in June.

Although the idea of Stydia finally happening is very exciting, it just doesn't compare to how thrilled I was when my favourite on-screen couple finally rekindled their relationship last month. In season 6B of Pretty Little Liars we finally saw Ezra and Aria get it on again, in probably one of the steamiest scenes that PLL have ever made. I myself was over the moon for this power-couple to start exploring their relationship again, mainly because Aria's new beau was really annoying and Ezra just really needed to stop wallowing over his girlfriend dying. I can't wait for Season 7 at the tail end of the year for more Ezria action and hopefully we'll see the rest of the couples reunite, as there was something very uncomfortable about Spaleb.

Bonus Question - Which show are you most looking forward to returning this year?

There are so many good shows that are going to return for a new series later this year and although I love a good American tv show, at the moment I'm most excited for the return of The Fall on BBC2. If you're not English or Irish, the only other possible way you'll have heard of this programme is if you're a die-hard Gillian Anderson fan or if you're just as obsessed with Fifty Shades of Grey's Jamie Dornan as I am.

The Fall follows Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson who's hunting serial killer, Paul Spector, in Belfast. It's like a whodunit, except we know who did it the whole time, but that doesn't take away from the drama. Anyone who has watched the first two series of the show will tell you that Christian Grey has nothing on Spector when it comes to psychotic behaviour (or orange peeling.)


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