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It's time to kick back at home. Nothing says home like corrugated iron and loose live wires. Fresh new details for Fallout 4’s next big DLC titled, Wasteland Workshop have been revealed today with a brilliant new trailer. Gladiator’s rrrrready!?

Fallout 4’s next DLC will be Wasteland Workshop, a super fun looking addition to the main game that will allow for new exciting elements to be added to your settlements. The new expansion will be available for download on April 12 for just $5.

Wasteland Workshop will allow for players to take their grand design ambitions to the next level. The new workshop will introduce a whole host of new elements to your settlements. From nudy neon signs to giant animal cages this new pack has it all. Create custom defences and even chain the mighty Deathclaws to act as your new guard dogs.

With this latest expansion players will be able to customise their experience to the absolute max. Pimp your settlements beyond all recognition – hell yea! Fallout 4 is the gift that keeps on giving; will we ever run out of things to do in Boston?

This new DLC will take over your entire social life – there is so much to tinker with. Not to mention the awesome new ability to mount wasteland creature on your settlement walls as trophies. From Raiders to Behemoths if it bleeds you can mount it… on your walls. Why not build the most happening place in the commonwealth? Host gladiatorial battles or even expand to take over Diamond City itself. The tools are there, what you do with them is up to you.

This latest DLC follows on from Automatron, the hugely popular addition that introduced hoards of killer robots to the commonwealth – apparently it wasn’t dangerous enough already.

Fallout 4 Far Harbor
Fallout 4 Far Harbor

Following on from Wasteland Workshop in May will be Far Harbor. This will see the map grow to almost unfathomable degrees. Far Harbor, a take on the real world location, Bar Harbor in Maine, will be the biggest open world area Bethesda has ever created as an expansion.

The future is looking very bright for the Commonwealth! Bring on the adventure.


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