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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for 'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.' If you're yet to see this two and-a-half hour juggernaut, then proceed with caution.

We know that Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice was the first step toward Warner Bros.' massive plans for the DC Cinematic Universe, but there's one thing the studio has been tight-lipped about, even with a strong slate of movies announced through 2020: The possibility of another stand-alone Superman flick.

Of course, the events of Batman V Superman make it clear that there's a long way to go before the Man Of Steel can fly solo once again:

Because Superman's dead. At least, as dead as superheroes tend to be. The final shot of Batman V Superman shows the dirt on Clark Kent's coffin starting to shift, a call back to his first flight in Man Of Steel.

In a video interview with IGN, director Zack Snyder addressed the chatter surrounding the possibility of a solo Superman movie, saying:

"Part of the reason we haven't announced the standalone superhero movie at this time was to support some of the events of this film."

Producer Charles Roven was a bit more blunt about it:

"We're in the process of looking at that, but we don't have it on the schedule at the moment because we're quite busy with the movies that we have scheduled."

He's speaking of the nine films WB has announced between August 2016 and June 2020, beginning with Suicide Squad.

But star Henry Cavill added he was "very keen to do" it, saying:

"I do believe it depends upon on the success of this movie. If this goes well then we can start negotiating with Warner Bros. to develop a stand-alone Superman [movie]. But they've got their plans set out for other stuff and 'Justice Leagues' and various other movies, so it's about finding the time, really."

Source: IGN


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