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Video games are just for nerdy guys, right? Wrong. More and more female gamers have been gaining popularity in the male driven world of consoles and controllers, and it is awesome. Some do it for attention, but the majority do it for the love of gaming; either way, it is nice to see the fairer sex making a stand in an area that they seldom ventured before.

One duo who has burst onto the scene love their classic video games and want to share their fun with you; say hello to The Controller Girls.

Who are The Controller Girls?

This duo is made up of Roni Jonah and Lucian Cline. Roni is an actress, and has been featured in films such as Volumes of Blood, The Zombie Movie and Switch. Lucian is a model and an actress who has been featured in films like Harvest Lake and Switch too.

They must play girly games, right?

Wrong. Roni and Lucian dive head first into some of the most popular classic games on our favorite classic console. They have played games like Double Dragon, Contra, Mortal Kombat and more. And the best part is, they do so in front of a camera and share the fun and laughs that ensue.

What makes them so special?

The pair are real life friends and are doing what we all love to do - having a drink and playing video games with our friends. Neither girl claims to be an expert gamer, but the level of enjoyment that is present in their videos makes up for any less than expert gaming.

Not only are they on YouTube doing something they love, but they are taking their show on the road. The girls will be headed to a few conventions this year, so drop by and say hi. You can find their convention schedule and other awesome Controller Girls news HERE.

So ladies, the next time that you are told that video games are just for boys, show the naysayers a Controllers Girls video and get them to engage in Kombat (you know, like Mortal Kombat). When you get that flawless victory and connect with that sweet fatality, they will have to admit heir defeat and accept that girls can game too.

Check out The Controller Girls on YouTube through the SimplyDrunkTV Channel. You can also find them on social media via the Controller Girls Facebook page.

Who are some of your favorite female gamers?


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