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Skyrim is renowned for being one of the most immersive, open world RPG games that has ever been released. Critically acclaimed and globally adored, the game was capable of generating incredible individual storylines and play throughs.

If you ask an Elder Scrolls fan, just about every one of them will have a funny, crazy or insane tale that they can divulge to you throughout their years of playing the franchise. Sometimes, it takes one of these tales to remind you just how incredible a game Skyrim truly is. Now it looks like we've been graced with one of the most brilliant stories to ever come out of the game.

Introducing Twitter user Patrick Lenton. Patrick recently took to the social media platform to share the story of an abandoned dog, two orphans, a polyamorous relationship and a heartbreaking finale. It all started with the tweet below:

With the online RPG game World of Warcraft set to receive its big screen debut later this year, maybe it's time that Bethesda thought about getting a Skyrim film adaptation. Looks like we already may have found our script!

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