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The second trailer for Steven Spielberg's adaptation of Roald Dahl's classic The BFG has landed online and shows us the magical and mysterious world of giants. Check out the trailer:

Steven Spielberg is my personal favorite director of all time, I think the man's a genius, so I was anticipating his latest family friendly adventure film, unfortunately, the trailer did nothing for me and I'm left feeling more hesitant than excited for this big screen adaptation of the popular children's story.

Academy Award Winner Mark Rylance (Bridge Of Spies) stars as The BFG. Rylance delivered a very nuanced and utterly compelling performance in 2015's Bridge Of Spies (also directed by Spielberg) so it's a little strange to see him here as CGI giant. On the subject of CGI, I actually don't think the visuals here look all that great either. The movie does release in July so obviously there is plenty of time for these effects to be enhanced but just speaking on the trailer, nothing here gripped me, whether it be the story, performances or visual effects.

I'm rather letdown by this trailer but what about you? Comment below and let me know if you're excited for The BFG! Make sure to follow me on Twitter @JamesPorter97

The BFG releases on July 1st 2016.


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