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well, who doesn't know the sworn enemy of the cape crusader, but many questions has been stuck in our minds and left us hyped about the real identity of the joker ,especially after dc comics released justice league #42 when batman sat on the Mobius chair , it is a magical seat that has all the answers to the universe, and batman becomes a god

Naturally, one of his first questions to the chair is something that comic fans have long speculated and theorized about: who is the Joker? What is his real name? Who was he before he became the Clown Prince of Crime and Batman's ultimate foe? Batman asks and the chair answers...

who the heck that could leave such a chock to batman!? is it the red hood?or is it his FATHER !

as you can see what's in the circle there is 2 marks of a bullet , and we know that Thomas Wayne was shot in his chest in a gunshot accident , maybe one of these marks belongs actually to Thomas ! i know that a crazy theory but if you look at these proofs it may sound believable to you , as you can see at the picture above there is 2 marks of a bullet , one in his shoulder and the other in his chest so maybe these marks belongs to Thomas Wayne , maybe he survived that accident and saw his dead wife Martha with a bullet in her head and got crazy and become the joker

the second proof is that in the Flashpoint paradox story bruce is the one who was dead in the accident and Thomas Wayne was the batman and martha was the joker

that means the Wayne family must always have one dead like Martha in the real world and one batman witch is Bruce Wayne. that leaves us with Thomas Wayne is actually the joker in the real world

what do you think about this theory ,is it possible that Thomas survived and ran away and got crazy or maybe he's resting in peace in his grave alongside Martha, and that the clown prince of crime is a random guy believes that one bad day can turn the most decent man into a psychopath .

share us your thoughts about this theory


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