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We're just a two man army ranting on all things geek related.
Ranting of A Geek

Hello everyone and welcome to Ranting of Geek! I'm Kiko Gomez, writer and creator of Ranting of A Geek. I have been invited to launch my brand, Ranting of A Geek. Ranting of A Geek's overall vision is to inform first and entertain second. I write movie reviews, articles on the state of geek pop culture, and blog about tv and music related stuff. I have tons of old written blog posts from link above. This is where you find where Rating of A Geek has started. There's tons of stuff already written,but will be transferred over to to the masses. I look forward to writing and giving you the best of what Ranting of A Geek has to offer. May the Geek be with you.


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