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I saw this amazing article and decided I'd introduce my prompt to it. This is: Quick-Fire TV Challenge!

For those who know what this is, here's the quick intro by the author, @whatmolleyknew.

We may only be 3 (and a bit) months into the year but it has already been a great couple of months for our favourite TV shows. Whether you like to binge watch a good series such as GoT, PLL or TWD or just sit back and relax with a sit-com such as Modern Family or New Girl for half an hour, the TV world seriously has something to offer for everyone.

You may think it's a bit premature to be posting a TV challenge for 2016 so early in the year, but it's not as if we're short of any drama at the moment. With our favourite ships about to sail (Stydia), epic cliff-hangers (TWD) and psycho husbands who team up with your evil auntie in an attempt to ruin your life (PLL), right now is actually the perfect time to talk about what has been keeping us so hooked on these shows so far this year.

There you go. There's 6 answerable questions, the last one being a bonus question.

Question 1: Favorite Moment So Far

Wow. This is a hard one... There much to be excited about. I think if I had to choose my favorite moment would be Team Flash finding out Jay Garrick is Zoom.

Bye-bye Jay Garrick Memories
Bye-bye Jay Garrick Memories

Good moments.

Question 2: LEAST Favorite Moment So Far

Jeez. I have a lot... I think for now I'll leave it at Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter leaving Agents of SHIELD :((


Question 3: Current Favorite Characters

I have too many, so I'll keep it at top 3.

1) Leonard Snart, Legends of Tomorrow

Badass with a cold gun
Badass with a cold gun

He went from being a badass with a cold gun that cared about no one but himself, to a badass with a cold gun willing to break his hand to save the world.

2) The Hive, Agents of SHIELD

Hive in Ward's Body
Hive in Ward's Body

Not much known about him, currently inhabiting Grant Ward, very powerful, etc. etc.

3) Had to choose hard for this one, but I'm going with Punisher, Daredevil

Frank Castle
Frank Castle

This one speaks for itself :)

Question 4: Your Current Netflix Binge

Not sure if we could choose anything or Netflix-specific, but I'm going with the latter just in case and I'm choosing Daredevil


Question 5: Power couple - which ship is currently floating your boat?

This one's probably the easiest! FitzSimmons: Agents of SHIELD


Can't wait to see more. William got in their way, and that's nothing good. :)


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