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With Captain America: Civil War just a month away, it is no doubt time to be excited for Marvel's Phase 3. The massive blockbuster has many anticipated factors about it; but if there was one thing that very well steals the spotlight from Civil War's most epic of elements, it would be the involvement of Marvel's iconic hero: Spider-Man. Since the announcement of Marvel and Sony joining forces to bring the Wall Crawler to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans have been eager to see anything on the new Spider-Man. Viewers got their wish when the character made his first appearance at the conclusion to Civil War's official trailer. Though there is still more to see from Spider-Man in Civil War, moviegoers can expect to see more from the friendly neighborhood hero sooner rather than later.

Spider-Man will have his own standalone film and the movie will be swinging onto the silver screen next summer. Directed by Jon Watts, the next Spider-Man film will be take place in the confounds of Marvel's Phase 3. There are a lot of mysteries surrounding the upcoming film with perhaps the prominent question is what this new Spider-Man film will be called. It seems this questions is being determined with the latest update on the 2017 film. As of right now there are four titles circling as the movie's names. Though nothing is determined it is possible that this new Marvel film will be called Spider-Man: "Homecoming", "Coming of Age", "Greatness Awaits" or "Suspended".

Though they are just speculated names, I find that none of them sound like an effective title for a Spider-Man movie. While the names may grasp the idea behind the new movie, but the titles do not roll off the tongue and sound generic. However if these are in fact the deciding titles for the new Spider-Man film, then my choice comes down to "Coming of Age" and "Greatness Awaits". These names creates the idea of something new without the movie sounding presumptuous; but even so the names are still missing that sense of appeal. While I am not a fan of these choices, I do think that these titles are on the right track. With the exception of one, the names create the vibe of a new start. A name that indicates this theme could work to the film's advantage. There were early reports on the film that suggested that the movie would be called Spider-Man: The New Avenger. Though I do not believe Spider-Man needs the Avenger moniker in the movie titles, that name does work to the idea of something new while sounding catchy.

However I feel that Spider-Man needs to have a title that is unique to him. The Avengers films have been known to feature subtitle in their sequels-and while Spider-Man is connected to Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the character's latest feature is in a unique situation; and so I believe the film needs to have a name that is stands out from the other Marvel films. The only way I can think of this movie's title to be different from its peers is for the 2017 film to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors by giving it a name such as “The Amazing Spider-Man”. Obviously the movie cannot use “Amazing” title, but there are other choices that that could work Spider-Man; such as Spectacular. The word could center on the new theme or even something that emphasizes on the character's heroic aspects; but whatever the case maybe, I believe that this new movie needs a name that makes it stand out from the other Marvel films.

As of right now there is no definitive choice in this movie's name. It is quite possible that none of these names are used in the final product to Marvel's Spider-Man, or maybe one of these names manages to stick (no pun intended). Whatever the studio decides on I can only hope that this film's name will not only work in the context of the movie itself, but also work to the themes and characteristics that define the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

Marvel's Spider-Man is set to hits theaters on July 7,2017.


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