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The Walking Dead's Season 6 finale had a controversial ending that a lot of fans disliked. With the hype built up for Negan, the 6 month suspense of who met Lucille will probably drive fans insane. Here is my theory:

Every fan of The Walking Dead has longingly waited for the arrival of Negan, one of the bad-ass antagonists within the comics and leader of The Saviors, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Personally, I have never read the comics, but I have heard a few things about Negan, which makes me deduce who I think got the bat.

Lets go back to the scene of the crime:

From left to right, they're on their knees as: Glenn, Rosita, Daryl, Michonne, Abraham, Maggie, Rick, Sasha, Aaron, Carl and Eugene.

Now lets eliminate the people it wont be. According to comics, if they intend on keeping this part of Negan, he doesn't kill women. So, Rosita, Michonne, Maggie and Sasha are safe. Also, according to the comics, he doesn't hurt those who are injured. Which would mean Daryl is safe, perhaps Dwight actually saved Daryl, as he did save Dwight in the past. And, knowing the only way Daryl would be safe from Negan is if he was injured. Also perhaps its why he said "You'll be alright." in ending of the penultimate episode. That leaves Glenn, Abraham, Rick, Aaron, Carl and Eugene.

Now, when the viewer is positioned as the person who Negan chooses, creating a cinematic POV horror effect, which honestly was a great idea, we see Negan point to his right, when mentioning Carl and Rick.

"Anybody moves, anybody says anything, cut the boy's other eye out and feed it to his father and then we'll start."

This eliminates Carl and Rick, even though I'm sure we all knew it probably most likely wouldn't have been them in the first place. But! confirmation is key. With this, and him pointing to his right to Carl, I believe Negan is stood on the left of Rick. This means, Eugene and Aaron are also safe. Now that leaves 2 people left. Glenn and Abraham.

If you haven't seen it, or heard about it, then you should know that in the Comics, Glenn gets killed by Lucille, which is why a lot of people believe that Negan chose him. Now, the writers behind The Walking Dead know that the fans are smart. They also like to twist a few things too. Wouldn't it be too obvious that this big, dramatic end of season cliffhanger cinematically show the death of Glenn? This is partly the reason why I don't think that Negan chose Glenn.

Another reason why I don't think it was Glenn is because as Negan strikes the person, we hear a female scream, with some murmurs. That scream was definitely not Maggie, we've heard her voice, we've heard her scream and that wasn't it. I believe it was Sasha that screamed, possibly mixed with Rosita. I believe Negan whacked Abraham with Lucille in the season finale.

In the comics, Abraham dies being shot in the eye with an arrow by Dwight. Sound familiar?

That's because in Season 6, Episode 14, Denise suffered the fate of Abraham, which was totally unexpected. (Well it was expected, because the episode was a lot about her and when that happens usually its bad news, but the way she died was very interesting!)

Denise took the character of Abraham's death, so what if the writers did that again? Comic readers knew that Abraham would die like that, and were obviously surprised to see Denise take the arrow to the eye, and leave him alive. What if they're going to do that with Glenn. Most people know Glenn is going to die by Lucille, perhaps he will, but I don't think its right now. The Walking Dead teased his death earlier with Nicholas' suicide, and Glenn having to crawl under the trash bin to escape from the hungry walkers. Would it be too lucky for him to escape death again?

I think so. In the season finale Abraham seemed quite content with himself, casually driving the RV with Sasha in the seat next to him talking about possibly having a baby, clearly he wants one with Sasha. Just when he seems at peace with himself, he seems happy, isn't that a recipe for death in this show?

Unfortunately, we have to wait till October to find out who it really was, and within all that time, things can change. Personally I want it to be Aaron, just because I'm not emotionally invested with this guy, but based on the process of elimination and some knowledge from the comics, mixed with the conniving minds of the writers in the show, to me it all leads to Abraham. He escaped death, but death may have finally caught up with him. However, I do advise that fans don't dwell on this ending for the entire 6 months, because you will drive yourself insane. Which is kind of why I wrote this, just so I could get it off my chest.

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