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A judge has ruled that Porsche is not liable for the deadly crash in 2013 that resulted in the deaths of Paul Walker and his friend Roger Rodas.

Rodas's wife Kristine filed a wrongful death lawsuit against car manufacturer Porsche, claiming that faulty design issues within the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT caused the crash that killed both Rodas, who was behind the wheel, and Walker.

Rodas and Walker.
Rodas and Walker.

According to E! News, court documents show that on Monday the judge shut down the four allegations, which also include negligence, wrongful death and product liability.

The first claim Kristine filed alleges negligence and strict liability, saying a "properly functioning crash cage" would have saved Rodas's life. The judge ruled that Roger Rodas's injuries occurred when he and Walker collided together, which is something a crash cage wouldn't be able to prevent.

Kristine Rodas also claimed that the company failed to warn drivers about the "substandard side impact protection," but the judge countered that the force came from the front of the vehicle after hitting a light pole, and not from the side. Even Rodas's expert had mentioned this fact.

Rodas also argued that there was a design defect that stemmed from the Carrera GT's absence of racing fuel, which caused a fire after the crash. The judge ruled that "undisputed evidence shows Rodas did not die from fire or sustain any injuries from fire prior to his death."

Rodas's last claim was that there was "failure of the suspension component," in which the judge also ruled that there wasn't enough evidence to place Porsche at fault.

A separate wrongful death lawsuit filed by Walker's daughter Meadow against Porsche is not affected by this decision.

[Source: E! Online]


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