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For those people who did not like the new Batman v. Superman movie, I thought it was fantastic. It was darker than most superhero movies, and it had a believable plot. It gave just enough information and background about the characters, to not give away all the information about their solo films, while still grabbing audience interest. Also, the film did a brilliant job of hinting at the Justice League film with the Rise of Dark Seid and the creation of the Justice League itself.

Honestly, I think many people did not like it because of the length of the movie, the references to the upcoming films (which confused a lot of people who aren't actual fans), and the lack of backstory to the characters. Well, no kidding. This isn't a "happily ever after" Marvel film, where the film tells you literally everything that you need to know to put together a rudimentary plot. DC has a more sinister plot with much more insidious characters. The film brings up actual questions about what the world would really do if an alien came to earth. It makes sense that people who aren't actually fans of the DC type of films didn't like it, but, the thing is, it was made for DC fans. It was everything any DC fan would have wanted from a DC film.


Did You Like BVS? (Photo by: Eric Eisenberg (Cinema Blend))


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