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Now, I know what you're thinking, this has NOTHING to do with movies, TV Shows or Video Games. Of course, you're right! I decided here on MoviePilot to do something different. I decided to write up something about the Disney Theme Parks. Specifically, DisneyQuest.

For those of you who are more familiar with Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT or Hollywood/MGM Studios rather than what lays outside the theme parks, DisneyQuest is an indoor theme park in Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) that was supposed to be (back in the late 90's and Early 2000's) a way for Disney to bring the magic of the Disney theme parks to all over the country to not just Orlando, but also Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Chicago. Unfortunately, only the Chicago location came to fruition but ended up short lived due to low attendance.

With that in mind, a Dave and Buster's on International Drive and a Main Event Entertainment opening up in Orlando pretty soon. It would make sense for Disney to want to close their only DisneyQuest location down in Orlando and replace it with The NBA Experience or something else having to do with ESPN, right? Well, unfortunately (for die hard sports fans), they can't really can't seem to do that for reasons unknown other than money issues. Besides, they'd already be cashing in on NBC Sports Bar and Grill over at Universal CityWalk. But thanks to the forums at, I have some ideas as to what could replace DisneyQuest (by the way, they're not all my ideas, I just saw them on the forums in which the topic can't be found on there, so we know it's also what the fans are demanding!).

Presenting, the Top 4 Great Ideas as to What Could Replace DisneyQuest (or GIATWCRDQ for short)...

4. An arena where they can show Disney On Ice and Disney Live! shows

Now, the reason that this is low on the list is because every year when there's a new show for Disney On Ice, anyone can just go see it at the Amway Center. However, because this IS the Disney name we're talking about maybe this can do them and FELD Entertainment (the company who works with Disney on Disney On Ice, Disney Live and even Marvel Universe Live) some good. Not to mention that they hardly show Disney Live in as many areas as Disney ON ICE. What they could do is put out 5 floors worth of seating, put a concession stand where FoodQuest is (as of now or where it used to be depending on whenever you read this) and sell the souvenirs right where the DisneyQuest emporium would once stand.

Now doesn't that sound like a great combination, Disney on Ice and Walt Disney World? Sure, it may cause a drought to one's bank account or their wallets (parents or adults with child-like minds) but it would be a great opportunity for Disney Live! to do just as well as Disney On Ice and for parents who want to take their kids to both Disney On Ice and Walt Disney World to not have to drive back and fourth from Amway Center to Disney property.

Oh! And just because Universal has the rights to use Marvel in their Orlando theme parks doesn't mean they can't have Marvel Universe Live in that arena, right? RIGHT?!?

3. A 'Hard Rock Cafe'-style restaurant themed to Disney

Never mind these photos, I'm just leaving the concept to your imagination. Now, the way this would work is as a combination of 2 different restaurants...

Hard Rock Cafe (like I said)

This should include a restaurant some of you Disney Cruise Line aficionados may be familiar with called The Animator's Palate...

What I mean by that is that this Disney restaurant idea can work if it has a menu and props decorated like Hard Rock Cafe, Dinner Shows like The Animator's Palate (even some of the same decorations as said eatery), the DisneyQuest emporium kept open but re-themed to this particular restaurant (merchandise with the logo and characters on them) and a theme for each floor...

Disney (obviously!)

I'll just leave the concept to your imagination whatnot with Disney films old and new...


Credit goes to Dan the Pixar Fan for this pic!
Credit goes to Dan the Pixar Fan for this pic!


The Muppets

and Star Wars...

And even if they do just Disney and Pixar or even just Pixar, it'd still work just as good. Or even Marvel. Believe it or not, there used to be a Marvel themed restaurant in Universal Hollywood 10 years before Disney bought Marvel. But, they can't do Star Wars or Muppets there since there's a good chance that the Mos Eisley cantina from "Star Wars" is rumored to be well, IN Star Wars Land at Disney's Florida Adventure and they might replace the retheme Pizza Planet to The Great Gonzo's Pandemonium Pizza Parlor, which they tried to do back in the late 80's and early 90's where Gonzo and Rizzo would try to run their own Pizza Parlor with some backstage antics from The Swedish Chef, there would be TVs playing various clips from Muppet movies and shows (along with broadcasts from Gonzo and Rizzo assuring diners that their food would be out shortly) and the lobby would be similar to Muppet*Vision 3D.

But with the combination of these 5 intellectual properties, maybe those 2 concepts and the Pizza Planet from Disney's Florida Adventure (and also Disneyland Paris) can be combined into something better...

2. Disney Playland

OK, imagine that you take Main Event Entertainment, the World's Largest McDonald's, the Oceaneer Club at Disney Cruise Lines, combine them, add inflatables in there and then you essentially get Disney Playland. Now keep in mind, that Disney has tried this in the past with Club Disney back in the late 90's only for it to fail in the end. But with all the intellectual properties they own like Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars, they can still try to bring it back (Not like those day cares in the Polynesian Resort).

I mean, take a look at the Nickelodeon Hotel. It was great when it first opened but then after 9 or 10 years it gets so much of a bad rep that not only is Holiday Inn (the company who owns said hotel) gonna lose the Nickelodeon name but also people would much prefer to stay at Disney's Art of Animation Resort!

Now, you may be wondering, what can go in a Disney Playland? Well, for starters, the same playgrounds as the Oceaneers Club in Disney Cruise Line, like...

Monster Academy

Andy's Room

Pixie Hollow

and a Disney Infinity Game Room + an arcade themed to "Wreck-It Ralph" with titles old and new.

In addition, they would also have to have an inflatables area themed to Winnie the Pooh, Tangled-themed rope climbing, an obstacle course themed to The Avengers, Spider-Man themed Spider climbing, a Guardians of the Galaxy laser maze, Buzz Lightyear laser tag, a Disney-themed food court (featuring Flo's V-8 Cafe from "Cars", Pizza Planet from "Toy Story" and the Sugar Rush themed gelato place from the Disney Cruise Line that was themed to "Wreck-It Ralph" among other things) and some Star Wars and Frozen stuff here and there. And as far as mascots go, I'd say Mickey and Minnie (duh!), Winnie the Pooh, Tinkerbell, Woody and Buzz Lightyear.

This can also work as an alternative for parents who can't afford a Disney Cruise for them and their kids. But, the number 1 idea that could work to replace DisneyQuest is...

DisneyQuest 2.0

Now, I know what you're thinking! Aren't they already closing DOWN the original DisneyQuest? Yes, but maybe they can fix it and make it better. How?

Well, for starters they can fix all the problems with the original, obviously and update it for a more...modern generation of tourists. Expand the FoodQuest to where it's just more than just burgers and fries, have each floor themed to each intellectual property (a Disney floor with Aladdin, Big Hero 6, a Wreck-It Ralph themed area with retro titles and functional versions of the 3 main games from the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice In Wonderland and so on, a Pixar floor featuring Toy Story, Cars and other Pixar films, a Marvel floor, a Star Wars floor and a Tron floor), add YesterWorld where guests can simulate dead attractions, do a beta test of rides in development and ride rides that are closed for maintenance or refurbishment for the day's admission to the park and offer 1 or 2 beta tests per year with Disney Vacation Club memberships.

All they need to do is have the main characters of the park be the likes of Mickey Mouse, Genie, Buzz Lightyear and Wreck-It Ralph, make merchandise with the DisneyQuest logo and said characters (in addition to whoever else they want to use) and there you go! DisneyQuest 2.0...

And that's all the ideas I have for what could replace DisneyQuest. I just sure hope that any Walt Disney Imagineers are reading this and if they are, maybe they'll consider ANY of the 4 ideas from this list and not put in just another sports bar (as of means to compete against Universal CityWalk's NBC Sports Bar and Grill) or some third-party place that has NOTHING to do with DIsney.

See Ya Later Dudes!


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