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The Family is a new show that premiered in March on the ABC network and it's shocking that the show isn't getting more buzz! The Family revolves around just that...a family. Be advised however, the Warren family just might be one of the most dysfunctional families that have ever been on television! This show oozes drama every minute it's on the air and if that's not reason enough to start watching, here are three more reasons to tune in:

1. There are plot twists around every corner

Characters literally turn a corner in their own house and walk straight in to a plot twist, it's that frequent. None of the plot twist feel unbelievable or thrown in to take up space. Everyone is brilliantly placed to blow your mind at just the right time. Some are delivered quickly and without warning while others build under enormous tension. However the plot twists come, you can rest assure that it's going to change your thoughts of what's going on in the show forever!

2. There are really no likeable characters

To many viewers this might be a turn off but, if you're a fan of psychological thrillers like I am, this shows unique feature will fill you with devilish glee. There is not one likeable character in the entire show except for poor little Adam who disappeared so many years ago. The show starts out questioning from the very beginning if the boy who says he's Adam is really Adam. It doesn't take long for to give the missing boy who's returned home the side-eye for many episodes to come.

None of the characters are perfect and at many times it feels impossible to pick out who the show's villain is. Every time you see a character do something redeemable, they turn around and do something so despicable that you once again lose faith in them forever!

To be fair though, the show's biggest villain is secrets. This family has so many secrets they're being buried under them and as they continue to try and climb their way out, they dig themselves in to a deeper hole.

3. The Show is Not Only Dramatic, It's Smart!

Perfectionism, infidelity, being confused about one's sexual orientation, kidnapping, and sexual abuse are all taboo topics that The Family covers in both a bold and smart way. Yes, these topics are very shocking and dramatic when they are presented in the show, but they are also naturally written in to the story line so it doesn't feel like they're being used for shock value. The revelations in the show are truly shocking, but they all have a direct purpose.

Although the show's season finale is only a few weeks away, you can binge watch the entire series on Hulu. There is no doubt, you're going to want to meet this family!

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