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by Kiko Gomez

Batman v Superman. It’s the most anticipated film in nearly two decades. It’s the title match up and team up that had fanboys begging for years to see on the big screen. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is mostly a dull affair with only a few great scenes.

From the start, we are reintroduced to Bruce Wayne/Batman(the standout performance from Ben Affleck) and why he believes Superman(Henry Cavill) is a threat to humanity. The justification of Bruce Wayne’s motivation to take on Superman is the destruction of Metropolis and the people he lost among Superman’s fight with Zod. Clearly, Bruce Wayne/Batman gets the most character development of the batch of characters we should care about in the film.

Notably, Superman/Clark Kent hasn’t changed much since the fallout from Man of Steel. His motivations as to why he thinks Batman is a threat is how Batman isn’t upholding civil liberties correctly. The philosophical ideology between Batman and Superman is clear,but doesn’t deliver in a big way that lives up to the big brawl.

What hurts this film is the people vs. Superman subplot that only tries to address the concerns of Superman’s actions from the events of Man of Steel. The trial is only used as setup for moving the story forward without any real depth. The subplot only could’ve worked if there was real ramifications to Superman’s character and the choices he made.What’s disappointing also is the supporting characters of the subplot feels like pieces to fit in to try to make the overall story to make sense.

Batman v Superman has a mess of characters that should of been better written and directed better. An example is Lex Luthor(Jesse Eisenberg), whose character is completely zany and never appears intelligence in each scene. Director Zack Snyder and screenwriters David S. Goyer and Chris Terrio seem to only care about the action over characters.The fault mostly lies on Zack Snyder’s vision of the film. Each scene of the film aims to look good and tries to be memorable overall. Yet there are standout characters like Wonder Woman(Gal Gadot) and Alfred(Jeremy Irons) that makes the film tolerable to watch.

What Zack Snyder does well in is action.Not every action scene is a winner. The clear standout action set piece is Batman’s extended warehouse assault sequence.For nearly eight minutes, the warehouse sequence is by far the best thing about this film. It’s like watching a live action version of the Batman Arkham games. Every blow feels real and every move feel fluid as Batman delivers a pain of justice to the warehouse thugs. The title fight, even if it had a very weak motivation, is also brutal. The big brawl shows that Batman is the most experienced fighter between the two. The final battle between Doomsday and the superheros(Batman,Superman, and Wonder Woman) is engaging,but alright as a battle sequence.

Overall, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a mess that should been fixed a long time ago.While it’s moves DC’S MU forward, it only moves a few interesting characters forward with excitement. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is all spectacle,but barely exciting. The tone and feel of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice does not make for a fun movie going experience except for that warehouse assault sequence. Less bad story; more good exciting action sequences. That’s what Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice should of been.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars


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