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Suicide squad has been delayed? That's what seem to have happened according to David Arey(Think that's his name)! Because of many upset Batman V Superman fans, Suicide Squad has been delayed to January of 2017! "How is Batman V Suoerman connected to it?" You ask? Because of the hate it has gotten from fans! It is easily in my opinion the greatest DC movie of all time and easily my second favorite movie of all time! But from one review, a woman talks about bringing a 4 year old to Batman V Superman! If you don't believe me, watch Slcmof's "Suicide Squad Delayed" video and then come back! Seriously woman?! Bringing a 4 year old to Batman V Superman?! "Oh I thought it would be a great pg-13 movie to bring my 4 year old to"! All of this hate about Batman V Superman because it was a dark movie and if there is a Batman movie(Excluding Adam West and Batman: The brave and the bold) then it will be dark no matter who it stars! And, any DC film probably won't be on the comedy like fun time for kids Marvel side(Not counting fox Marvel movies)! So it's your fault you obviously didn't watch the trailers and decided to bring your 4 year old to a pg-13 movie! Now that that's covered, people complain about Batman killing, jumpscares, and it being dark but that's because they are so used to watching Guardians of the Galaxy! So David Avery saw this and he said it was originally going to be dark also! He said he would fix it to put more comedy into it and make it more kid friendly! Not only that, but the Aquaman director was effected by this also and was saying "Oh it will be a blast, bring the whole family!", which just winds me up! They are making once good Superhero movies into a kid friendly Adam West again! Anybody who had hates Batman V Superman and has supported this kid friendly jump, stop reading and never visit this profile again! I always say"I ain't hating" but this is me hating on the people who are loving kid friendly movies! So back to Suicide Squad, all of this, is why Suicide Squad has been delayed! I just wish that people who wanted more kid friendly stuff would watch Marvel and people who liked darker tones would watch DC! Do you agree with me? Let me know in the comments below, cya guys later


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