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The Slashening by Annum Films is one of the most fun horror films I've experienced. I have a special place in my heart for indie horror films, so when I received the digital screener I was beyond excited to check it out. The Slashening is not for everybody, and that's what I loved the most about this film. The film written and directed by Brandon Bassham stars Anna Callegari, Samantha Reece Schecter, Elyse Brandau, Lily Du, Dana Clinkman, and Patrick Foy.

The Slashening is about a group of girls who come together to have a slumber party. Just as the party starts the girls are warned by a cop to stay inside because of a killer that's on the loose. The girls afraid, do as they're told and invite guys over. As the party continues people start dying. I can't really go into more detail about the film without spoilers. So I won't, but I can definitely express how much I enjoyed it and why.

The Slashening for the most part does start off campy. However the characters are easy to love, and hilarious. Everyone knows people like the characters in this film which made it great. From the opening couple, to the ensemble cast, I was pleased. What I really loved was the build up to the climax. It was lighthearted with moments of gore and killings. Then once the cast starts getting killed off, the gore becomes major, and the killings even more brutal and unique. I also loved that even with the intense moments the comedy was still apparent, that's what really made this film different. The Slashening is not too intense. I personally feel audiences today want to see brutal intense films. And this is the complete opposite. It's fun, light, and truly a good time.

The sound design of The Slashening was also dead on. It really captured the essence of the film. The tone was always on point, whether it was a scare or laugh. I was also really impressed with the cinematography. It was very clean and set an awesome mood and feeling. The connecting storylines within the film were also a really cool factor. It kept me engaged. Even though the title suggests gore and killing non stop this film was not that at all. The Slashening had a really enjoyable plot. The twist at the end about who the killer was. It made me want to watch the film over again.

Like I mentioned before I really enjoyed watching this film and I was fully entertained. Check out the trailer to get a feel for the The Slashening


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