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You read that correctly, Star Wars finally has its title, and fans may either be exhilarated beyond belief or extremely maddened.

Before I get to the title, let's just sit and look back at Episode VII (It feels surreal to say that). The movie came out on iTunes a couple of days ago and, needless to say, I bought it. I technically pre-ordered it before it came out in theatres, but I paid for it a couple of days ago.

Something struck me while watching the movie. It wasn't the obvious connections of Rey and Luke, Snoke and Palpatine, or even Han and Poe. What struck me was a line very early on in the movie; and it's uttered by Poe.

We all remember how intense that first battle was; how you could feel the tension when Kylo Ren arrived (that theme, though). Remember how you felt watching Poe shoot his blaster at Kylo Ren, only to have Kylo freeze the bolt in midair. One of the best lines in the movie happens immediately following this moment.

"So, who talks first? You talk first; I talk first?"

Poe Dameron speaks this line; a line likely to become as well known as "May the force be with you".

The connection hit me yesterday as I was in the shower. The parallels between this scene and the scene between Luke and Rey and the very end are eery; to say the least. Both times, we see two characters staring at each other for a long time; sizing each other up. Both times, one character has something that the other wants.

I am fairly confident that the opening line of Episode VIII will be: "So, who talks first? You talk first; I talk first?"

Why this very silly line to start off a Star Wars movie? Well, A long time ago in a galaxy quite like ours, a man named George Lucas conceived Star Wars as a sort of soap opera; a joke. There is a boy that rushes in to save the world from an evil Hitler like man that has somehow taken control of the father of the boy that is trying to destroy said Hitler like presence. It was the premise of a farce; and the worlds of farce and genius go hand in hand. That is why there will be a comic tie in from the last movie.

But what about the title? It is a title that emulates power and comedy; just like the series. The title of Star Wars: episode VIII is...

Space Bear

Okay, so it's a joke designed to throw you off the scent; and if anyone thinks there may be some obscure reference to the plot there, just remember that the working title for Episode VII was "Foodies".


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