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SPOILER ALERT! I will be recapping some points from the walking dead finale and using comic book events to try and guess who will meet their end come season 7 so if you don't want to know please look away now!

Gone? Ok good. Now it's just us I'd like to say that the walking dead finale was not as much of a disappointment as has been said in the media. It was supposed to set up season 7 with as much anticipation as possible whilst setting the group up for an air of pure fear (I mean look at Ricks face during the scene). However it left the mother of all cliffhangers, I mean the big daddy, the dogs bollocks. Which of those characters met Lucille for the first time? Let's discuss. I will give a danger rating out of 5 for each character.

Sasha, Rosita and Aaron (1/5) - Now why it would be a shame to see any of these characters die I just don't think they would have the desired effect that the writers are going for. They need to show that Negan is not to be messed with and how else to do this than by taking away someone important to us.

Abraham (2/5)- I feel like Abraham as a character has run out of steam this season and that it would be the time to move him on. However I still don't feel he is high profile enough to deliver that wow factor. He maybe could be on the end of the bat but I think he's safe for now. (Who'd wanna lose that facial hair from the show anyway?!)

Maggie, Michonne (3/5)- Now these two characters are probably the real female powerhouses of the show, especially with Carol's character becoming a glass case of emotions. However with Maggie being pregnant and her strive to help build Alexandria I think she will escape the bat as her story has much further to go. Michonne is an absolute fan favourite so I think she will survive too as Richonne still needs time to grow. Also I feel the season has kind of left her our to a point so maybe she plays a bigger role next seson.

Rick, Carl (4/5) - I know what you're all thinking; THE MAIN CHARACTER or HIS SON?! Man you crazy. However I think this could push the Walking Dead to the next level by proving than any characters aren't immune from the danger and perils around every corner. Also what a way it would be to introduce Negan, by taking out the single star of the show. But most likely not gonna happen...

Daryl, Glenn or Eugene (Uh oh!- 5/5) - Any of these 3 I believe will be the ones laying on the floor by the start of season 7. Daryl has lost Beth and Carol to an extent over the last two seasons so his reasons for believing are slowly dwindling. Also his season seems to have come full circle by recovering his bike and his crossbow so this may be him finally coming to his brutal end. Glenn is a character who always seems to escape the unescapable. This is my reason for believing he could die, the near dearth earlier in the season may have been the writers preparing us for later down the line. Finally Eugene, I think his growth as a character this season has been heartwarming and one of the highlights of the slower episodes. He finally seems to understand the world he lives in and for this reason they could brutally take that all away again!

Vote below as who you think it is. Go on, take a swing at it! (Sorry again)


Who will die at the hands of Negan?


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