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Stephen Patterson

The nominations for the British Soap Awards 2015 have been unveiled and surprisingly, Kellie Bright, who plays Linda Carter in EastEnders, has been overlooked. This is a shocking turn of events considering Bright won both categories that she was nominated for last year. It's been another excellent year for Bright's Linda Carter and let's be honest, we were all expecting another nomination this year.

Despite Bright's participation in Strictly Come Dancing (which she was also robbed of the trophy), her screen time wasn't significantly different than previous years and it didn't discredit what Bright accomplished as Linda. Like previous years on the soap, Bright proved herself time and again .In some of the character's most compelling scenes yet, this year saw: Linda opening up to husband Mick (Danny Dyer) about her eating disorder, Mick and Linda's New Year wedding and in arguably the best piece of acting that I have ever seen on a soap, Linda challenged Dean which led to him finally admitting that he raped her. How Bright managed to keep up and deliver arguably her best scenes yet as well as participating in (and making it to the final) Strictly Come Dancing is a credit to her. Bright was powerful, which is exactly what this scene needed, as it was not only the culmination of a year long storyline, but it was also the moment that Linda got her justice. Dean may not have been arrested for what he did to Linda, but his admission of guilt was enough for her to finally move on with her life.

I am disappointed that Bright's achievements have been ignored this year, as she continually proves herself episode after episode. Considering she won both Best Actress and Best Serial Drama Performance last year, it's rather odd that they have ignored her contribution to television this year. She should've been recognised for the fact that she maintained such a high standard of acting while competing on Strictly. Regardless, I look forward to seeing what the remainder of the year has to hold for Linda Carter, who continues to be the most compelling character on EastEnders.


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