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By Kiko Gomez

Disney Animation has once again struck gold. This time in a world where all mammals animals are human like, Zootopia captures perfectly of what our real world is like today. Led by three talented directors(Byron Howard[Tangled],Rich Moore[ Wreck-It Ralph], and Jared Bush), Zootopia is full of optimism and an adventure worth seeing over again.

The film’s two leads(Ginnifer Goodwin[Once Upon a Time], and Jason Bateman[Arrested Development])are pitch perfect. Judy Hopps(Goodwin) is an ambitious rabbit wanting to join the police force as the first rabbit officer in Zootopia. In her first day on the police force, she meets a cunning fox named Nick Wilde(Bateman). From that point forward, the pair is the heart and soul of Zootopia as they track down a missing person. Bateman’s dry sarcastic wit fits well to Goodwin’s well nurtured optimism as the film progresses. That on screen voice chemistry is worth rooting for.

Zootopia has plenty of memorable smaller characters that help fill up the world as a place worth investing in,but it’s the animation that is the clear standout. The world of Zootopia is full of rich environments that brings you a sense of awe and wonder. Each backdrop is parallel to the same real world environments being presented in Zootopia. The production design of Zootopia is a triumph and unforgettable.

The story may have some familiar story beats,but Zootopia’s social message on bullying and racism is endearing and timely. The film hits the right notes without being too strong or too soft on how bullying and racism is being conveyed throughout the film. The film’s two main characters helps guide the audience on both subjects through their own personal experiences.

Zootopia is a film that both children and adults can enjoy together. The enduring optimism for a better world is what makes Zootopia a clear standout. From the rich animation to the strong voice cast ensemble, Zootopia is place where you can become anything that the heart desires to be in a human like flawed world.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


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