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Mortal Kombat's original movie logo.
Mortal Kombat's original movie logo.

The original film series could of been good. If they didn't make Scorpion and and Sub-Zero look like the same person, Johnny Cage was actually a bad ass, and they didn't recast the second movie. Now I like the original, the squeal, however, was two hours to long. So lets begin how this new rebooted series could be good and bad.

Original movie poster.
Original movie poster.


  • New Cast- For most people a cast isn't high in there 'this movie is gonna be awesome' list. For me, however, it's probably the biggest thing for a movie.
  • New Producers/ a new director- This is one pro that almost no one cares about. Since a lot of people only wants to see their favorite characters in a movie directors and producers are like music producers, almost no one cares about who they are.
  • New soundtrack- Okay the soundtrack for the original movie was good, except for the dude who says "MORTAL KOMBAT"
Sequel movie poster
Sequel movie poster


  • Same studio- Now New Line Cinema has made some good movies like 'A nightmare on Elm Street', the original TMNT movie, and Mr. Deeds but Mortal Kombat I and II not so much
  • New producers/director- Yes it is also on the Pro side. This could be bad also. Since we don't actually know how the movies will be. If its worse than the first one most of America and I will be very disappointed.
  • New Cast- Also on the pro side. This could be the reason the movies don't work because the people who were picked can't make the movie good. Either there really bad actors or they are reading stupid line
  • New script- Now this is a new one. If they have the same writers it might be good, but new writers(who don't know the games) could screw this up

People who don't know the games- I know lots of actors (especially character actors) will research a role, but the best way to research a role like this is to play the games.

The original cast
The original cast

So you never know exactly what could happen. I would love to see how this new movie plays out. I know CGI is very common but the last film series looked so fake. So if they do use CGI lets hope it works better or get Andy Serkis to do some motion capture. He could revive this series like he did with the Planet of the Apes franchise. So let's just hope this film will revive the franchise and add to the filmography of the Mortal Kombat franchise.


Are you gonna see the new Mortal Kombat movie when it comes out?


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