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It seems after [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) that the focus for DC is a way to bring back fans to Suicide Squad later this year. There has been a lot circulating the re shoots to make the film more "fun" and the upcoming clip during the MTV awards. I believe they are trying to show just how different Suicide Squad can be from Batman V Superman. It is also now being reported that the theme song for [Suicide Squad](tag:2283363) is a dupstep rap performed by Skrillex and Rick Ross.

The track was heard while Skrillex was performing at Atlantic City’s new WAV nightclub over the weekend. The song features lyrics referencing Joker's now infamous purple Lamborghini, Suicide Squad, and possibly Gotham City, Killer Croc and you just hear Squad on repeat. I wouldn't actually be surprised if this is the them song to Suicide Squad or even The Joker because it just fits to the tone of the film it gives. I mean just listen to it for yourself and tell me it doesn't fit with the film

All of the trailers for Suicide Squad point to this movie feeling a lot different compared to Batman V Superman. The movie is a lot lighter and has a more fast paced action feel to it as well. There is no official word on whether this track is really attached to the film in some way as of now. We might get our answers during that new clip on the MTV awards possibly.

It seems though that DC has really been trying to amp their soundtracks ever since Man Of Steel. They are really setting themselves up with these gorgeous soundtracks and with the release of Batman V Superman they prove just that. The soundtrack was a great succesor to the Man Of Steel movie and really set the mood for the film. I can't wait to hear what the Suicide Squad film's sound track will be like if this Skrillex song is any indication towards it. The film is looking to be a dark fun house action film and the soundtrack should be no different.

Suicide Squad Will Be Released On August 5, 2016.



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