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If you've been watching Syfy's The Expanse then you've probably been enjoying not only the realistic science behind the show, but also the great acting. The team is made up of brilliant actors, including Cas Anvar, who plays Alex Kamal. Check him out in the Season 1 trailer below.

Anvar is no newcomer to the world of acting, having been in the business for almost 25 years. With appearances in such acclaimed films as Argo, Source Code and most recently Room, his career is vast and varied. And this past weekend at Edinburgh Comic Con I got the chance to sit in on a panel discussion where Anvar talked about all manner of things, including superheroes and whether he would be interested in tackling such a role.

And having previously worked alongside Ben Affleck, Anvar was quick off the mark to talk about the star's recent performance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

MoviePilot: You were in 'Argo.' The reason I mention it is, did you actually look at your co-star Ben Affleck at the time and think, 'There's Batman'?

Cas Anvar: Yeah actually what I thought when I saw Ben, I was like there's someone who'll never play Batman. Definitely not at all someone who I ever would have pictured in the Batmobile, ever. I've got to be honest.

Ben Affleck in "Argo," 2012.
Ben Affleck in "Argo," 2012.

I can see looking at that hair why Anvar didn't consider Ben Batman worthy at the time. After that, the conversation moved toward DC itself, and the obvious question:

MP: If you could play any DC Comics role, who would you want to be?

CA: OK, the DC Universe. Superman doesn't interest me, Batman I find fascinating but he's been so done that I don't know what else I would do with the character. Green Lantern just — no, doesn't do it for me. Flash is kind of cool, but you know what? Flash is kind of doomed, like you can never do a good Flash show. I mean, the new one is pretty cool, it has kind of an Arrow vibe to it, but it's just so hard to kind of be cool when you're like a blur all the time, with the vibrating. But I don't know, I think Batman is probably my favorite of all the DC characters.

"But if you go Marvel, Moon Knight! I wanna be Marc Spector, boom!"

Now, after hearing this I just couldn't leave well enough alone, so after the panel ended I sought out Anvar and got to talking one on one with him about the character. After asking me if I had heard any news regarding a potential Netflix series for Moon Knight, which I told him I hadn't, we talked about the character himself.

MP: What specifically about this character do you identify with?

CA: Well, I think there's very few characters left in the various universes that have a lot of depth and complexity to them, that haven't been done yet. Moon Knight is kind of Marvel's Batman, and he's a rich millionaire guy who's got this strange power that he doesn't completely understand, and he obtained it in a very unusual way. If you're looking at all the superheroes, in terms of how he received his powers it's one of the more interesting ways and the fact that Marc Spector actually has kind of a dual personality that is very appealing. How many superheroes do you have that have that Jekyll and Hyde kind of perspective and kind of really have to work hard to keep themselves in check so that they don't become the darkness that they're trying to fight? You know Batman has that, I think it's a little bit under control but I think Moon Knight gets a little bit further into that world but still has that same kind of high-tech, highly trained skills, not super-duper powers. Like, I think he's got augmented strength under the moonlight, but it's pretty reasonable. So basically he has to fight using his head and his technology and his knowledge and his skills, that's what I really love.

So to summarize, Anvar kind of loves Moon Knight because he is similar to Batman, but isn't Batman. And is more badass.

MP: Why do you think you should be cast as this character?

CA: I think that the world of cinema right now is becoming an incredibly exciting place, full of diversity that's going to help it. You know, Nick Fury, an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. being played by Samuel L. Jackson, it really does help add to the palette of the superhero world, we're adding a little bit more texture and color to our traditional heroes, and I think that me personally, I have that kind of dark, brooding gravitas that this character needs. He's not a jokester, he's not a punster like Spider-Man or the Human Torch or Thing. Those guys are wisecrackers, which I love; he's a much more brooding, much more Batman type of character. He's a kind of brooding, dark, mysterious force and has a lot of underlying angst with all this baggage and I kind of naturally have that, it's something that I feel very comfortable with.

So in short, Anvar loves to brood and be dark while avoiding the villain role. He would love to be Moon Knight, so if anyone over at Marvel or Netflix is considering bringing the character to life, here is your man!

Thanks for reading, and look out throughout this week for more fun content coming off the back of Edinburgh Comic Con!


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