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Music will always be subjective. What music list isn't? Most lists try to create a snapshot of the overall year. What's my number one might not be your number one. One thing is for sure, looking back, 2011 was a really odd year. Come countdown with me and let's take a look back of what made the list for top 50 songs of 2011.

50) Leona Lewis-"Collide"

This British singer made a splash with her 2007 hit, "Bleeding Love". Now, she returns to form in 2011 with "Collide". Co-led by hitmaker Avicii, this breezy dance pop may not be Leona's best,but it's a small sample that she will come out strong in the future.

49)Drake-"Marvins Room"

Drake continues be a rising star in 2011. This emotional driven track boasts Drake's talents like no other. Feel the emotional drama as Drake flat out says," You can do better". Can Drake claim the title, King of R&B & Hip-Hop? Only time will tell.

48)Enrique Iglesias, Ludacris-"Tonight (I'm Lovin' You)"

The latin fire known as Enrique Iglesias comes back with ,"Tonight (I'm Lovin' You)". This club hit is a sure way to shake those hips and swing your way through the night.

47)Fitz and The Tantrums-"MoneyGrabber"

Meet one of the many incoming freshmen artists to make it to the countdown. This soul rock song is catchy and very cool. Fitz and The Tantrums are poised to make more fun soul noise in many years to come.

46)Daughtry-"Crawling Back to You"

Ah Daughtry, you will always rock. This ballad sticks to the band's formula, rockin out loud and emotionally scream till you can't take it anymore.

45)Hanson-"Give a Little"

This grownup pop rock trio returns to the limelight in 2011 with this joyful track. This upbeat song will make you smile, and just give little heart and soul to someone special.

44) Linkin Park-"Iridescent"

In this ballad of rock, Linkin Park brings to you the sound of hope and new beginnings. Oh, did I tell you it was featured in a Transformers flick? Yeah... that was a long as hell movie that I saw in 3D. A good song in a bad movie? Yeah, it happens.

43)Switchfoot-"Dark Horses"

Switchfoot, one of the early 2000 prolific rock bands returns as they bring us another hard hitting rock song. Dark Horses aims for the ears and never lets go.

42)Papa Roach-"Burn"

Papa Roach, another early 2000 band, also shined this year with,"Burn". Feel the anger. Feel the screaming. Feel your ears bleeding.....oh wait....that's my ear bleeding.....

41)Shinedown-"Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)"

So far, rock has been dominating the countdown so far. This headbanger proves that. Shinedown's best song yet.

40)Britney Spears-"Till the World Ends"

This former pop princess is coming with a vengeance to the pop dance scene that's been dominated by the likes of Lady Gaga and Ke$ha. "Till the World Ends" proves that this old gal still got it.

39)Bei Maejor,J. Cole-"Trouble"

Putting a strong debut single, Bei Maejor's career is on rise. It also doesn't hurt that that track also feature another rising artist, J.Cole.

38)Flo Rida-"Good Feeling"

As the king of the clubs, Flo Rida returns to speed up the dance floor with his groove flavored club song.

37)Avril Lavigne-"Wish You Were Here"

This ballad from punk rocker Avril Lavigne throws a callback to her earlier work in 2002. Dramatic, powerful, and vulnerable, this song comes as highlight to Avril Lavigne's strong year in 2011.

36) Sean Paul-"She Doesn't Mind"

Another artist making a return to the limelight, Sean Paul makes a powerful club jam with "She Doesn't Mind".

35)Iyaz,Travie McCoy-"Pretty Girls"

This catchy hip pop song features the laid-back Travie McCoy as they call out to the pretty girls. The question is," Is it you girl?" I hope so.


Up to bat is R&B singer Lloyd, who's latest track is wooing the ladies to the thought of that Cupid has done it again. And by the way, what do you mean Cupid has done it again? You mean he shot you again with the same arrow? That's crazy man.

33)Wiz Khalifa-"Roll Up"

Meet another rapper who also is having a breakout year. This smooth hip-hop track got some romance to it. Now all I'm asking for you shorty is to just roll up and be my homie.

32)Ximena Sariñana-"Different"

This debut song from Ximena Sariñana is a sure way to get your hip shaking. Prepare for Ximena's rise in somewhere in the future.

31)Your Favorite Martian-"Tig Ol' Bitties"

Comedian Ray William Johnson struck big under his Your Favorite Martian creation. Out of his best music videos, "Tig Ol' Bitties" is so juvenile,funny, and catchy. I mean, who doesn't like to talk and sing about boobs?

30)Theory of a Deadman-"Lowlife"

It's loud. It's proud of what it is. Its Theory of a Deadman's rockin ,"Lowlife". I got the whole world in my hand and I'm proud of who I am. YEAH!!!

29)Lil Wayne-"How to Love"

Love or hate this guy, Lil Wayne knows how to produce a good song. His song"How to Love" shows a softer side of him.

28)Katy Perry-"The One That Got Away"

Katy Perry, who's been delivering hit after hit, and here to bring us a thought hitting song. It's slow, but very danceable too. Now I need to find the one who got away.

27)Coldplay-"Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall"

This upbeat song from Coldplay is one of their best songs yet. It's colorful sound make you jump and breath in life.

26)Blink-182-"Up All Night"

After going though a "indefinite hiatus", this punk rock back came back strong with"Up All Night". It's good to have you back Blink-182. Please keep on rockin.

25)Gavin DeGraw-"Not Over You"

Through 2004 and 2005, Gavin DeGraw was force to be reckoned with. With hits like, "I Don't Want to Be" , and "Chariot", we were seeing a rising artist. In 2008, he still showed the world he was just as good with "In Love with a Girl". Now fast forward to this year. Gavin DeGraw is having a solid year with "Not Over You", the heartbreak anthem of the year. He's back and ready to shine for everyone to see.

24)i SQUARE-"Hey Sexy Lady"

Meet upcoming R&B/Hip-Hop group i SQUARE. One of the freshest acts of 2011. Enough said.

23)Three Days Grace-"Lost in You"

Out of nowhere, Three Days Grace "Lost in You" is a beautiful love ballad. The band is known for headbanging rock,but they pull out one of their best hits. "Lost in You" aims to woo you and woo you it does.

22)Kanye West, Rihanna-"All of the Lights"

How do you do it Kanye? I never thought to see you here. This song got some wicked beats. And just for kicks, there's some artists on this track you never knew they were on here. You just think it was just Kanye doing all? Nope.

21)Dr. Dre,Eminem,Skylar Grey-"I Need a Doctor"

With the Detox album going through a long process, Dre still showed proof that the album is well on its way. Please bring us the Detox album, Dre. I need the Doctor to bring me back to life.

20)Diddy – Dirty Money,Skylar Grey-"Coming Home"

It's another triumphant year as Diddy- Dirty Money usher in 2011 with "Coming Home" and brings Skylar Grey into the mix. Best hook of the year.

19)Red Hot Chili Peppers-"The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie"

This has to be the longest title of song I've seen in years or just in this year. Anyways, this cali band makes a strong return in 2011 with "The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie". A good beat makes for a good time.

18) Childish Gambino-"Freaks and Geeks"

Another new artist making it big is Childish Gambino. Childish Gambino is the stage name for talented actor Donald Glover. This rapid fire track is a treat to hear.

17) Shayne Ward- "Breathless"

Meet another ex X-Factor alum, Shayne Ward. Making his way finally to stateside, this cooner breaths life back to those slow jams you been missing for a couple years.

16) Pitbull,Ne-Yo, Afojack,Nayer-"Give Me Everything"

In his best single to date, Pitbull brings the party hot and loud in this club jumper. Now go grab someone sexy, and give them everything. Yes, the car keys too.

15) Maroon 5, Christina Aguilera-"Moves Like Jagger"

Can Maroon 5's frountman move like Jagger? The answer is a resounding yes. Also from out of nowhere, Christina Aguilera makes a brezzy appearance in this very fun dance track.

14) Tinie Tempah, Eric Turner-"Written In The Stars"

Tinie Tempah been a huge star over the UK, and now he's bringing his talents over here to the states. And by the way, that Eric Turner can sing really really good.

13) LMFAO-"Sexy and I Know It"

This high profile hip-hop club duo has really broke out in 2011. This outlandish, fun, and silly song just makes you move and makes you proud of who you are. Sexy and you know it.

12) Light Asylum-"A Certain Person"

In this bizarre indie retro track, it is a pure triumph. Who else can put a horse noise into a beat fused track and still make it listenable? Light Asylum can.

11) Nicki Minaj-" Super Bass"

The hottest female rapper enters to the countdown with "Super Bass". "Super Bass" was the summer's hottest jam. Even your female friends loves this song.

10) Adele-"Rolling In The Deep"

This heartbreaker track is one of a kind. Adele's voice shines well and it is undeniable to let this song out of your head. Adele is poised to take over the world. You know it. Don't deny it.

9)Death Cab For Cutie-"You Are A Tourist"

Death Cab for Cutie is a band that you need to know. This heartfelt and joyous track makes you keeps you upbeat and smiling till it ends.

8) David Guetta, Usher-"Without You"

This David Guetta hit just hits you like emotional bullet. It sucks you in slowly and builds you up. Who wouldn't live without Usher? I mean, I would. Would you?

7) Eminem,Royce da 5'9",Bruno Mars-"Lighters"

This rap duo has meet together years ago. Now, they are back together with a full fledged album. As BAD MEETS EVIL, Em and Royce flows their verses with grace. To top it off, Bruno Mars hooks just kills it.

6) Gym Class Heroes, Adam Levine-"Stereo Hearts"

After years of being out of the limelight, Gym Class Heroes returns with a smash hit, "Stereo Hearts". With a epic hook from Adam Levine, "Stereo Hearts" makes you live for best of you. I just only pray you won't leave this song behind, because good music is really hard to find.

5)Austra-"The Beat And The Pulse"

In this zany track, The Beat And The Pulse slowly ramps up and then it lets loose. There's no other words how great this song is.

4) Cobra Starship,Sabi-"You Make Me Feel"

Feel the bright noise! This bounce happy track not only makes you feel good, but keeps you so upbeat.

3) Rihanna,Calvin Harris-"We Found Love"

Making it into the top three, Rihanna gives it her all in "We Found Love". This is the final club song on the countdown and it's a great one too!

2)Florence+the Machine-"Shake It Out"

This is the last Brit artist and they made it up to number 2! Once again, Florence+the Machine still ups the ante with "Shake It Out", a powerful ballad.

And your number one song is.....

1) The Naked and The Famous-"Young Blood"

This a band you need to know! From beat to beat, this song brings it. It's all about letting go and waiting for love to find you again. It's jump at you with your heart yearning for more. Hands down, this song an undervalued gem. It is worth having and worth singing out loud.

That's it folks!! What songs did you like on here? Who should of been on the countdown? Sound off in the comments below! Thanks for reading this!


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