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So The Flash went on another one of their breaks, leaving us two whole weeks to speculate about what its to come in Episode 18: Versus Zoom. While this makes life hard for us Flash fans, it might indicate they are about to do something big with special effects, like gorilla city big. If that is true, this break would be well worth it.

But in the mean time, let's talk about the trailer for Versus Zoom, but it appears that we are finally about to learn the origin story behind Zoom.

While we already know that Zoom is Hunter Zolomon, some questions remain about his connection with Jay Garrick and about the Earth 1 doppelgänger that we saw briefly in Episode 11.

My new theory is that Zoom is Hunter Zolomon from Earth 2 and that E-1 Hunter Zolomon has not gotten his powers yet. This is primarily based on three things. First, we know that Zoom's base of operations is on Earth 2 and that he has operated there for over two years before the breaches to Earth 2 started opening up. This is what we were told by "Jay Garrick" near the end of episode 2, which is probably true considering how familiar Wells and the people of Earth 2 were with him. Second, it would make no sense for Zoom to have time traveled to Earth 2 when Earth 1 is really is home.

Finally, in the trailer, it is revealed that Zolomon is a "notorious" serial killer. Earth 2 Harrison Wells was the one informing the team about this in the trailer. If that were true of E-1 Zolomon, it would be likely that the characters would have known about him. Joe West, who works at CCPD would have likely known about a notorious serial killer and recognized "Jay Garrick" when he saw him (granted he does have crazy hair in the picture). But when Caitlin was first introduced to Zolomon, she acted like she had never heard of him. Therefore, it is more likely that Zolomon is from Earth 2.

If Hunter Zolomon/Zoom is from Earth 2, then Earth 1 Hunter Zolomon is likely uninvolved in this. However, he will probably become Earth 1 Zoom in the future, just like in the comics. Similar to the comics, Zoom might be able to slow down time around him instead of being a traditional speedster. Also, in keeping with the comics, his origin story would also likely revolve around Grodd, which is hopefully why Grodd will be coming back later on this season.

The "Jay Garrick" that we have been seeing so far is likely a fake. It is highly unlikely that the writers would kill off such an important comic book character so early on. The real Jay Garrick is probably the man in the mask trapped in Zoom's lair. That man appeared to be older and a former war veteran given his knowledge of the POW tap code. That would most definitely be in keeping with the comics. It would also explain why there is no evidence of an Earth 1 Jay Garrick (doppelgangers that we have seen so far have had the same names, so I doubt Jay Garrick and Hunter Zolomon are really doppelgangers). Because of Garrick's old age and experience as a war veteran it is likely that his Earth 1 counterpart is long dead.

Now I do not think that the fake "Jay Garrick" is Zoom, because the flashbacks show his speedforce as yellow and his cells showed no traces of the speedforce. Also, he was so emotionally attached to Caitlin, that it is hard to see him capable of acting as evil as Zoom. He seemed willing to close all the breaches, which is something that Zoom probably would not have wanted to happen. Additionally, the fake "Jay Garrick" appeared to be killed off by Zoom and Zoom was seen dropping his dead body on the ground. There is no way, even with speed mirages, that Zoom could have been in both places during that incident.

Instead, it would appear that Earth-2 Hunter Zolomon had a twin brother. That twin brother's Earth 1 counter-part likely died along with the mother who died in child birth as mentioned when fake "Jay Garrick" was talking to Caitlin about Zolomon. E-1 Zolomon's cells wouldn't have worked with fake "Jay Garrick's" cells because they wouldn't have matched considering that they were not doppelgängers.

The twin Zolomon probably wanted to be a hero. He was given Jay Garrick's costume so that he could pretend to be Jay Garrick and save people. Unfortunately, the speed serums that gave him his powers had side effects that were going to end in his death. Wanting to live, twin Zolomon agreed to work with Zoom to infiltrate team Flash on Earth 1 in order survive. But at times, twin Zolomon felt guilty about this and expressed as much to his love Caitlin on multiple occasions.

Now that twin Zolomon is dead, Zoom no longer has eyes and ears on team Flash. He has no idea that Barry has traveled back in team and learned about tachyon devices that the Reverse Flash used to enhance his speed. Barry will finally be ready to face Zoom, at least we hope...

What do you think of this theory? Let me know in the comments below!


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