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Caitlin Monaghan

I'm going to be honest and say that I watched the second Big Fat Greek Wedding movie before watching the first one. I decided to watch the first film the day after seeing the 2nd film.

I love that both the first and second film showcase what Greek families can be like cause it's essentially apart of who they are and something that is apart of their culture. I think the Italians are similar to the Greeks, I THINK.

Two things I really loved with this film is the script writing and the character development. The film had a really well developed main plot as well as two really well developed subplots. The characters involved with each of the plots developed really nicely. Gus and Maria, who were the central characters for the main film plot, developed nicely without losing who they really were. Which was great. Ian and Toula, were involved with one of the subplots, developed nicely as they struggled with the idea that their daughter might end up moving away for college as well as finding themselves again as a couple. Paris, Toula and Ian's daughter, is involved with the second subplot and learns to become accepting of how crazy her family is after meeting a Greek guy in her school and learning he is in the same position.

Everything was done really well. The music, editing, lighting, camera, sound and comedic timing was done really well.

What I love most is that Nia Vardolous wrote and acted in both films. This does show females who are wanting to get into the film industry, whether in front or behind the camera, that you are able to both like writing and acting or directing and acting. Something a number of actors are doing these days that we aren't always aware of.


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