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It's already being keen at on who could possibly be the villain of the long awaited Justice League Part One film set to release in 2017. Even though filming starts on Monday and we will likely get some story details here and there about the film and official confirmation of who the big bad is, it's never not fun to speculate. From what I've gathered here's the three likely candidates to be the villain in Justice League:

1. Darkseid

This is for many the most likely candidate to be the big bad in Justice League. If you've seen Batman v Superman you would most likely agree. Spoiler alert for those who haven't seen the film but Darkseid is heavily hinted at in scenes like the infamous nightmare scene where Batman is in the desert in a post-apocalyptic type world where Superman and more than likely Darkseid have taken over and ruled the planet. I mean it not like this big symbol spotted in the middle of a landscape isn't related to Darkseid himself.

That right there folks is what we call an omega symbol which is heavily connected to the despot Darkseid himself. Also we get to see his minions called parademeons at work in the desert scene as well in the film.

Also take note that a deleted scene released by Warner Bros. about a week ago involves Lex Luthor and some weird alien hologram that many fans are saying resembles either Steppenwolf or Darkseid father Yuga Khan. If you notice in the creature hands it appears to be a motherbox, an object related to Darkseid planet Apokolips. This object was also spotted during Cyborg cameo which appears to save Victor Stone life.

So it apparent that DC is trying to get us ready for the arrival of the fearful Darkseid very soon. How soon though is the real question. Even though many would think that all this Darkseid teasing would lead up into the Justice League film coming next year, rumors in the past have stated to not expect Darkseid until at least Justice League Part 2 coming out in 2019. Remember Marvel built up Thanos in a lot of their films in the past and he won't be the main threat until Avengers 3 so maybe DC is taking that same route. Either way Darkseid will be making his presence known on Earth...very soon.

2. Atlantis

Recent rumors have come out saying that Darkseid won't be the main antagonist for Justice League but that Atlantis will. Now I know some of you will be saying that stupid but there actually a very good chance this happens. For starters adapting the Throne of Atlantis storyline would be an absolutely perfect way to introduce Aquaman into the Justice League as in this storyline he struggles with his heritage from both his Atlantean side and human side as well. It's also a brilliant way to change Aquaman status from being a joke of a character for many years, into being a serious badass to the general audiences. Plus it would be a change of pace from the usual alien invasion story as the Atlanteans are a fierce species that could give the Justice League a run for their money. It the perfect antagonist who could unite the team instead of Darkseid, who without Superman would be demolished very quickly. It would tie back into Man of Steel nicely since Snyder stated that Aquaman was pissed because of what the World Engine did to the oceans. So if Aquaman feels that way you can surely bet the rest of his people do as well.

3. Brainiac

Brainiac has been teased oh so slightly so far within two movies in the DC Extended Universe. In Man of Steel we saw his symbol pop up inside the World Engine core in the final act of the movie.

And also when Superman was going up against the World Engine it seemed like the tentacles were a nod to Brainiac since his ship has similar like tentacles as well.

Maybe Krypton based it's technology off former A.I in the past? It wouldn't be unfamiliar at all. In the Superman animated cartoon Brainiac was a supercomputer that collected knowledge and was relied heavy upon on the council of Krypton. So who knows maybe Krypton based it technology on former A.I and that why we see Brainiac symbol on most of it. Another piece of evidence is what Lexcorp say in a most recent message talking about a "human" operating system designed to basically evolve and gather more and more information.

Doesn't this remind you of Brainiac? Lex Luthor and Brainiac have had a connection before in the comics and cartoons before so if in some possible way Brainiac came about from Luthor technology it wouldn't be surprising. I mean Doomsday was created by Lex so Brainiac coming from Lex system isn't all that much of a stretch either. The villain seems destined to pop up in one of these films as Snyder has stated they had plans to have him star in the planned Man of Steel sequel and rumors have suggest he is the main villain in Justice League Part 1 so the likelihood is there. With all this teasing the villain due is likely sure to be popping up down the line in future DC films but when though is the question that yet to be answered.

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