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Nikodim Trashkov

Steven Spielberg and Disney bringing you a live action adaptation of The BFG, what could go wrong? Now I loved the book growing up as a kid and after seeing the teaser trailer that came out three months ago I have to say I felt more confident about the project. The cinematography was beautiful and the tone felt right but after seeing the new trailer some of my fears where confirmed.

First of all on the positive side of things, John William's score is very good. It might not be as memorable as The Imperial March or the Jurassic Park theme but it is still very good and it fits perfectly. As I said the cinematography is great. All the colors stand out and it is very nice to look at and the lighting is very magical but those complements mostly go the parts in the orphanage. Since the movie is based on The BFG I have to say the idea is very cool and since it is Spielberg at the wheel I think we will get a really cool kids film. The tone is more serious than Hook and it seems more light hearted than ET so it is something in the middle.

Ok now that that is out of the way, by far one of the worst parts of trailer is the obvious over use of CGI, it is insane. Not only that but the CGI is shit. Gravity was practically just CGI apart from the actors but the reason why Gravity was that the cgi was not obvious and it did not stand out. Here it is just plain painful and I have no idea how it was possible to make the charismatic Mark Rylance look so wrong. It is just so distracting. And the girl that is real now just feels really out of place in the grand scheme of things. It is just impossible for me to be invested in the story when I am looking at this kind of shit. It's almost like it does not know it is wants to be an animated movie or a live action one so it end up looking like a fused mess.

If it was entirely CGI I think it would have been really cool. If Spielberg did what he did with Tintin it would have worked it's just the the live action elements do not work well with the animated elements and vise versa.

I was getting really bad Kingdom of the Crystal Skull vibes from this trailer and that is not a good thing and I know that Spielberg can blend CGI and practical effects well because he did it with Jurassic Park. I have no idea if he was lazy or if this is what he wants but whatever it was it's just not right. I really hope that this movie is good and it's not like Jack the Giant Slayer with just overblown distracting CGI. If the story is good and it adapts the source material well I can forgive the CGI but as it stands right now I am very skeptical. I really hope this movie is good and it would be really cool to give the new generation a good BFG movie but I can defiantly tell you the books are not going anywhere.


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