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There are actors who play a role in a franchise so well that they are often seen as the embodiment or blueprint for that character. One of those instances has to be Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon. The actor played the character in The Dark Knight Trilogy and truly made it his own. I mean, Gordon has been done before, but never brought to life the way in which Oldman did. However, we now have a new commissioner on the Gotham block, and that's Whiplash actor J.K. Simmons making his debut in Justice League Part One.

We have seen Simmons play the legendary J. Jonah Jameson in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies. This, however, is a completely different character and a much more different-toned world compared to that of Spider-Man's. When it comes to playing the commissioner, the actor has been given key advice courtesy of Gary Oldman. In an interview with Yahoo Movies, Oldman offered guidance when it came to playing the legendary character:

"The thing you’ve just got to get used to with Gordon is he’s a really sound detective, first of all. And he’s really incorruptible, which is a kind of wonderful quality to play and sort of, like, true blue."

We all know the commissioner is a polar opposite to Batman when it comes to taking out the criminals of Gotham. I mean, the Dark Knight won't kill them, but he is a lot darker and more of a vigilante when it comes down to it. On the other hand, you have Commissioner Gordon who follows the letter of the law and is a big believer in doing things by the book. Although they might share different ideologies, this doesn't mean they aren't great allies and can't guide each other for the better.

It will be very interesting to see what Simmons could bring to the table once he gets his chance to play Gordon. We do know that he will more than likely follow some of the blueprints Oldman laid out in The Dark Knight Trilogy. And when Oldman found out that Simmons was cast as Commissioner Gordon in The Justice League: Part One, all he had to say was, "God bless him."

I am excited to see exactly what Simmons will do with the character once The Justice League: Part One soars into cinemas in 2017.

'The Justice League: Part One' will be released November 17, 2017.


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