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FINALLY! FINALLY! FINALLY! The Future Trunks Is Coming Back to Dragon Ball Super...!

Okay might be coming back :p


Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro recently gave an interview. And the interview contains a lot of good news for us the fans. This interview confirms that the current 'Champa' arc isn't the last arc of Dragon Ball Super. It will continue and they are even making plots for the future.

Now this part of the interview raises a lot of curiosity. The Interviewer asked for some hints as to where the future plot is going in reply.

Toyotaro said:

‘I’ve read the plot for the new story, and I’m really happy a certain future related character is going to be involved. I’m a huge fan!’
Akira Toriyama added ‘That’s a pretty popular character! The kids are going to be happy.’

Honestly the first character and the only character that came to my mind instantly is Future Trunks. The hints perfectly match with him. He is a future related character and is god damn popular. Depending upon the accuracy of the translations or what they actually meant the outcome could be different.

Like if by future related they meant future of this same timeline then it could as well be UUB and there could also be characters from Dragon Ball Xenoverse or The Kaioshins of Time or even Cell. But then again those characters are nowhere near as popular or as known as Future Trunks.

Future Trunks is also one of the most important characters. Some people even say Future Trunks actually played the most crucial role ever in Dragon Ball. If he didn’t came back in time and warned everyone the current fighters wouldn’t even exist now. Future Trunks also has an impressive killing record. And his first appearance itself was badass. He killed Frieza in just few seconds and back then Frieza was the main villain and it took countless episodes for our Z fighters to defeat him. And then this new character appeared and killed him just like that. So, from the very beginning Future Trunks had a strong impact on us and thus he ended up getting the highest amount of popularity in shortest amount of time. He was just there for the Android-Cell saga with a few movie appearances and the amount of popularity he got in that short time is really astonishing. So, him getting only 1-2 saga was always surprising anyway. And it always felt like we have some more to see from him.

So even if bringing back Future Trunks doesn’t blend with the plot perfectly. It would still be a good idea to do so because the popularity of Future Trunks. And responding to fan demand is simply good for business. And that is also the same reason I would support them if they do bring back Future Trunks.

How will that happen?

I can’t really point out to a single plot. It could literally happen in anyway. There could be a universal war or timelines could collapse. Hit might have something to do with it as we know he will get the god’s travelling medium- Cube using which one can go from one universe to another. And he could somehow cause chaos with that. And Future Trunks might comeback to help them.

Then again I would like to remind you guys that this is just my personal speculations based on what Toriyama and Toyotaro said. This is by no means a confirmation or something like that. The character they hinted could be anyone.

So what do you think might happen?

Bless the comment section with your opinion down bellow.



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