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You are the Princess Shireen of the House Baratheon, and you are my daughter.
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If you've ever wanted to get revenge against your parents for that time they didn't let you go to a party, or for dragging you on vacation to a mountain cabin without wifi so far from anywhere you had to kill a buffalo just to eat*, or just for loving your big brother that little bit more, you might want to put yourself in Kylo Ren's shoes. Because after that, your beef will feel small fry.

(*Buffalo murder not endorsed.)

Kylo, the new villain of the Star Wars movies, was revealed in The Force Awakens as Ben Solo, son of Han and Leia Organa, the two legends of the rebellion whose adventures in the original trilogy made them famous across the galaxy.

In a new mini-featurette on the Force Awakens Blu-ray, director J.J. Abrams and Adam Driver, the man in the chrome mask, talk more about how the son of two heroes became a murderous adult with a vengeful axe to grind. Check it out below.

Driver: "There's nothing more powerful than genetics. If you really imagine the stakes of him, in his youth, having all these special powers - and having your parents kind of being absent during that process with their own agendas, equally as selfish - he's lost in the world he was raised in, and feels that he was kind of abandoned by the people that he's closest with ... he has a huge grudge on his shoulders."
Ben Solo: One highly f*cked-up individual
Ben Solo: One highly f*cked-up individual
Abrams: "It's more than just having sort of a bad seed as a kid. Snoke had targeted this kid, he knew that this kid was gonna be incredibly powerful in the Force, and wanted him as an ally. So this mother and father had a target for their son [but they] aren't there enough guide him."

Exactly how Snoke was turned is not something The Force Awakens addressed. Did Luke Skywalker fail him, or did Snoke simply know how to manipulate a lost young boy? That's something you might expect Star Wars VIII to address in more detail.

Either way, it's interesting that Abrams and Driver both consider Han and Leia to be somewhat responsible for creating Kylo Ren. That's the kind of tragic irony Shakespeare would have tipped his hat to.

All DVD and Blu-ray editions of Star Wars: The Force Awakens are out now, complete with a bunch more featurettes and behind-the-scenes footage. Driver returns in [Star Wars: Episode VIII](tag:711868), due to hit theaters December 15, 2017.

Why do you think Kylo went to the Dark Side?


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