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Dream teams only come along every once in a blue moon, but up there in the ideal movie combo is definitely a cocktail involving a hard-rock legend, a wrestling superstar — and Blade. Cue Temple, an Erebus Pictures movie announced yesterday by Deadline, which has all the makings of something as awesome as an ultimate vampire tag-team smackdown with a metal soundtrack.

Erebus Pictures, named after the Greek god of darkness, is a horror label newly formed by Kiss bassist Gene Simmons and WWE Studios. Temple will feature Blade actor Wesley Snipes and WWE wrestler Seth Rollins. Dave Annable (Brothers & Sisters) and Anne Heche (Men in Trees) will also feature. According to Deadline:

["Temple"] follows a team of trained operatives who find themselves trapped inside an isolated military compound after its artificial intelligence is suddenly shut down. There, they begin to experience strange and horrific phenomena.”
Seth Rollins has good hair. | Source: BBC
Seth Rollins has good hair. | Source: BBC

The wrestling-rock-star-military bonanza will be directed by John Stockwell, of Turistas and Blue Crush, and scripted by Matt Savelloni. Filming began this week.

Snipes is best known for his performance as the vampire hunter in the Blade trilogy from 1998 to 2004. Since slaying the night creatures, the black-belt martial artist has appeared in a string of direct-to-DVD movies.

Twenty-nine-year-old Rollins, real name is Colby Lopez, is the only wrestler to have held both WWE World Heavyweight Champion and US Champion titles simultaneously.

Revisit Snipes in the trailer for Blade:

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Source: Deadline


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