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Spoiler warning: We're gonna talk about the end of the Season 6 finale of 'The Walking Dead,' so stop reading if you haven't seen it!


After the devastating cliffhanger at the end of the Walking Dead season finale, part of the cast reassured us by admitting that even they didn't get told who got a taste of the wire wrapped around Negan's bat, so at least we can all share the frustration.

But there's one actor who says he knows whose brains got splattered, and it doesn't sit well with him: Norman Reedus, who plays our beloved Daryl.

'It's Gut-Wrenching'

While on The Today Show to promote his new movie Sky, in which he stars alongside Diane Kruger, Reedus obviously made a few comments about The Walking Dead. He defended the ending of the finale, but also hinted that the reveal of the victim is going to be hard to stomach:

"I know what happens, and it's gut-wrenching."
It better not be Daryl. / AMC
It better not be Daryl. / AMC

Although the hosts begged him to say more, he wouldn't disclose anything more about the character who's going to exit the show come next season. He did comment that it was depressing to see this character go:

"It's like real life, you always feel like you have an infinite amount of time and you don't. That's the genius of the story."

You mean you realized you didn't have an infinite amount of time on the show?! What does this mean, Reedus? What does this mean?

For Reedus, Cliffhangers Have Always Been A Thing


He also defended the writers' choice for the finale, saying that it wasn't unusual for stories to finish with a cliffhanger, and that the question of Lucille's victim wasn't supposed to be the center of this episode:

"Cliffhangers have been happening since the beginning of entertainment. [...] That finale was about the change of power. So many people think our show is survivor's island, who's gonna eat it this week, but it's not. That episode was to show the change of power: Rick goes into it real confident, and he comes out totally broken."
He does seem in pretty bad shape. / AMC
He does seem in pretty bad shape. / AMC

Change of power or not, it's going to be a long six months until we find out who's missing at the beginning of Season 7.

Do you think the reveal of Negan's victim is going to be as 'gut-wrenching' as Reedus says?


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