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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Not happy with the ending of the Walking Dead Season 6 finale? Neither was talented video editor chappie ShawntheSheep. Rather than staring sadly at a wall, speechless with suspense and disappointment (like I did), Shawn took to the vid suite and chopped and changed the ending to create his take on how The Walking Dead should have ended, based on what happens in the Walking Dead comics. Check it out and see if you agree.

Of course, the death of Glenn at this point is canonical to the comics, occurring in Issue 100, when longtime favorite Mr. Rhee gets mashed to pieces by Negan's baseball bat.

Actor Steve Yeun was initially devastated when he read that fateful Issue of The Walking Dead comics and learned that his character was killed off, writing a jokey "angry letter" to creator Robert Kirkman. Here are some highlights of that letter:

Dear Robert, I hope this letter finds you well. That was a lie. I actually hope this letter finds you with Tuberculosis... I can't believe you killed Glenn off in the 100th issue. What were you thinking? Foolish move, Kirkman. You better watch your back from now on, because I am gonna get you. Don't even THINK about leaving your house! I'm coming for you.

Pretty funny, huh? Just in case anyone thought that he was actually serious, Yeun has also commented on how "iconic" killing Glenn with the baseball bat — as intended in the comics — would be. In a 2014 interview with, Yeun elaborated:

"How great and iconic is that moment? Sometimes you just have to deliver it the way it was intended. We'll see what happens but I feel like the way that Kirkman wrote that end for him was magical in a way. You don't get to have a long speech or you don't get to have a whole diatribe about where you're at as a character at that point in time and then be killed, it's just you're done. And I think that's so ruthless and brutal and so apropos for the show."

Is it important to you that the comic book storyline is followed or do you want to see Glenn free as a bird to enjoy all the horrible torments Negan is gonna mete out to him and his loved ones? Vote for who you think Negan killed here.

Did Negan kill Glenn or someone else?

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