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Batman v Superman might just have given us a deep look into the young Bruce Wayne's psyche and subtly weeded out the emotional reason why branding his victims with the mark of the bat was the way to go.

Reddit user lame_corprus points out that the divisive movie shows a young Bruce Wayne at the cinema with his parents, watching none other than the legendary Mark Of Zorro.

And what does Zorro do? Mark his victims with a distinctive three strokes of his rapier, of course. Take a look what I mean in this clip from the 1940s movie that Wayne was watching below:

As the DC comics established before, Zorro was Bruce Wayne's childhood here and a huge influence on his Batman persona, disguise and even the design of his bat cave, but clearly Zorro remained an incredibly important emblem of justice for Bruce Wayne deep into adulthood.

Wayne's idol, Zorro, was so inspirational to him that it's possible that 20 years into his career, when setting his "new rules," he looked toward Zorro for inspiration and came to the idea of marking criminals with his own logo.

Although this is only a small fan theory, I thought it was so neat how it tied into the DC mythology and was probably overlooked by a lot of people in the audience, what do you guys think?

Do you think Zorro inspired Batman to mark his victims?

(Source: Reddit)


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