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The influence of child stars like Macaulay Culkin and Lindsay Lohan, who flew off the rails, has far-reaching consequences. Kids everywhere are showing how they really feel about the likes of Mickey Mouse in bold Crayola — and they want his severed head. Ok, these pictures aren't by kids, but the artists were young once!

The talented illustrators have broken coloring book boundaries by transforming once innocent pictures into filthy portraits seething with debauched murder and sex. They literally cross the lines. It's a bit like peeping behind-the-scenes of Frozen, Winnie The Pooh, Cinderella and Harry Potter. In works reminiscent of Banksy's Dismaland art project "Bemusement Park" in the UK, subtle details are edited that completely change the image with the stroke of a pencil. A finger becomes an anarchist's candle, a throne a toilet.

Check Out The 12 Witty Drawings:

12. The Little Poopmaid

Source: ohjooguys

11. Teddy Scares

Source: ohjooguys

10. Strawberry Fiends

Source: BourbonFox

9. Smutty Pooh

Source: LaurenLivick

8. Olaf The Mouse Slayer

Source: LaurenLivick

7. Fried Fish

Source: LaurenLivick

6. Lickey Mouse

Source: Gingasaurusrexx

5. Gastelle

Source: CorruptColoringBook

4. Ron Potting Harry

Source: CrayonsForBrains

3. Malevolent Muppets

Source: TraCity

2. Sleeping Beauty Vs. Freddy Krueger

Source: CrayonsForBrains

1. Mickey 'The Abductor' Mouse

Many people absolutely love the notion of dirty Disney, of naughty Nickelodeon, of corrupt cartoons. Perhaps it's the saccharine plots and evergreen imagery plastering the internet. The reason it's so funny is because children's entertainment is perhaps too bubble-wrapped a haven. Twisting the innocent into the insane stems from a desire to see children's entertainment tackle harder issues.

Which corrupt drawing made you laugh the most?

Source: via College Humor


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