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Carol Peletier has been severely tested. TV show Carol is so much more than comics Carol ever was, going from downtrodden wife to group protector and ruthless killer. But her performance in the latest episod — giggling on the floor in the face of death in the Walking Dead Season 6 finale — has people asking whether or not she's finally cracked.

Walking Dead exec Greg Nicotero has an interesting view on whether Carol is or is not a bit bonkers, telling THR:

"Carol (Melissa McBride) has been pretty clear that she is not down with killing. She does it because she cares about these people. As she's often said, 'I did what I needed to do.' By killing Karen and David in season four, she was trying to stop the spread of the disease — so she makes these choices, but everything comes with a price. I do believe that that killing has taken its toll on her. I don't think she's a psychopath. She's trying to distance herself from people that would put her in a position where she'd have to kill others."
"The moment with Morgan (Lennie James) in the finale is fantastic because he's spent the entire season saying, 'You don't have to kill; there are ways around it.' And Morgan is left with no choice but to pull the trigger because it's somebody he cares about. He has done what Carol has been doing. After Lennie emptied the gun, you see a split second of the gears in his brain catching and slipping because before he runs after Carol you see him [thinking], 'Shit, I just did something that I've sworn to myself that I wouldn't do.' I love the way that story comes full circle with the two of them."

Personally, I would say that Carol is not a psychopath. The term in itself is a complicated one — see a more in-depth look at what classifies a true "psychopath" here — but I just don't think that Carol is nuts.

She's weary, she's stressed, she's not feeling herself because she's the one who's been doing what needs to be done. Her leaving Alexandria only makes sense if you view it as a suicide attempt, and her laughing on the ground as she's tortured fits into place with that perspective. She wants it to be over, which seems logical to her right now; this can happen to anyone, as can many of the traumatic things that happen to the characters in The Walking Dead. Carol is not a psychopath, but that's only my opinion!

Yes, she threatened a kid, but that kid was an annoying little turd anyway. Yes, she legit shot a child in the head, but THAT kid was a deranged killer. Can you guys think of Carol's most crazy moments?

So, do you think that Carol is a psychopath?

Source: THR


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