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(Warning: The following contains theoretical SPOILERS for both the upcoming 'Suicide Squad,' and the wider DCEU beyond it. Proceed with whatever theoretical caution that suggests to you is wise.)

Now, while pretty much the entire cast of DC and Warner Bros.' upcoming Suicide Squad could pretty straightforwardly be described as villainous, relatively little attention has thus far been paid to the identity of the film's actual antagonist. After all, our (anti-)heroes aren't likely to simply be fighting themselves, and the Joker looks set to play more of a Hannibal Lecter-like supporting role. In the absence of an obvious Big Bad, rival fan theories have arisen, the latest of which argues that...

The Suicide Squad Might Be Going Up Against A Classic Justice League Villain

(Note: This is where those aforementioned theoretical SPOILERS start to kick in.)

Specifically, against the very first villain that the Justice League of America ever faced: Starro. Y'know, the weird starfish shaped alien creature with the power to control people's minds that first appeared way back in 1960's Brave and the Bold #28 (better known as the first appearance of the JLA).

Now, there are two things worth noting here about Starro, before we get into the nitty gritty of exactly why he might be turning up in Suicide Squad. Firstly, there's the fact that "he" is not in fact a "he" at all, but rather an "it," what with it being a hive-mind based alien organism and all, and thus rather lacking in gender.

Secondly, though, it's worth noting that in many of its more recent appearances, Starro has been less a giant alien starfish, and more a collection of miniature mind-controlling starfish.

The reason that's important?

Starro Might Just Have Been Spotted In The 'Suicide Squad' Trailer

That, at least, is what intrepid Redditor savepublicdomain recently argued (tapping into a theory that's been making its way around the interweb for a while now), suggesting that the mysterious — seemingly possessed — green goo-covered folks in the Suicide Squad trailer may well be under the influence of none other than Starro itself.

Which, considering the unusual look of the apparent Squad-foes in question, doesn't actually seem all that implausible.

I mean, sure, they don't have giant starfish on their faces — but that was always going to be a long shot in the deathly serious DCEU. Y'know, what with starfish-faced looking — well, like this:

What's more, the introduction — and possible lack of defeat — of Starro in Suicide Squad might just provide Warner Bros. with a ready-made first act villain for Justice League Part One, bringing Starro's role in the Justice League's comic book origin full circle.

The big question now, though?

What do YOU think?


Do you think Starro is going to be the Big Bad in 'Suicide Squad'?

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