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The long-awaited adaptation of one of DC's darkest and most controversial storylines is underway. The Killing Joke, which explores the murky depths of the Joker's origin and psyche, is being made into an animated movie. Rejoice!


No Holds (Crow)Barred

The menacing prankster is one of the greatest ever villains across all forms of fiction. He's been interpreted in many, many different ways, but one fan's construction has sent the anticipation for the upcoming adult cartoon into overdrive.

BossLogic Inc, created by highly talented artist Kode, frequently produces incredibly honed and skillful interpretations of comic book characters. In honor of The Killing Joke, the Clown Prince of Crime has been given the Photoshop treatment in this epic poster.

(Credit: BossLogic inc)
(Credit: BossLogic inc)

The grungy, neon-purple etching shows the menacing Joker snarl under a veil of darkness, crowbar in hand.

'The Darkest / Batman' Film Yet?

The dark theme of the poster is, without doubt, fitting with the narrative of The Killing Joke, which is arguably the darkest DC have ever gone. In the comic, the Joker kidnaps Commissioner Gordon, and goes on a manically barbaric quest to drive him insane.

(Credit: DC Comics)
(Credit: DC Comics)

In an effort to make Commissioner Gordon lose his sanity, he also kidnaps his daughter Barbara Gordon (also secretly Batgirl). He shoots her, rendering her paralyzed, before stripping her naked and photographing her in her vulnerable state. He then shows the grotesque showreel to Gordon.

The story is now being interpreted in classic DC animated series format, with Batman and Joker regular voices Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill returning. Although it hasn't yet been confirmed, the grimy nature of the material could make this the first Batman film to receive an R rating.

'The Killing Joke' will be released this summer.

(Credit: DC Comics)
(Credit: DC Comics)

Would you like to see animated adaptation receive an R rating? Or would you prefer it to be toned down?

Source: Boss Logic


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