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Anyone who knows me well enough, knows that I love Disney animation films as much as the Harry Potter series. For me, when it comes to Disney films, it has to interest me enough to see it. I do love some of the older classic Disney films (i.e. Snow White and Cinderella) as well as some of the newer Disney films.

I saw Zootopia a couple of weeks back. The story and some of the animation looked amazing from the trailers. When it comes to any movie, the storyline is one of the things that draws to me a film. If it's an animation film as well, the animation has to be really good as well. Both the animation and storyline was good. The humour in the film was on point as well.

The film does seem to deal with different stereotypes that are associated with different animals, much like there are different stereotypes amount the human race. The next couple of points of what I mean by this does contain a couple of small spoilers.

1. When Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde are at the all natural place, the animal (can't remember what it's called) says that the Elephant character would remember. As we have been told to some extent that elephants have great memories. Turns out that this is not the case. It's the animal that showed Hopps and Wilde into the place.

2. This next stereotype has to do with Nick Wilde (a fox). Foxes don't have the greatest reputation and are basically untrustworthy. This is shown when we first meet Nick Wilde in the movie. He does mention to Judy that as a kid, he wanted to join the Scouts (I think it was) and the other animals, that are typically viewed as weak, make a joke of him [Nick] joining because he is viewed as a stronger animal that would kill a weaker animal. He goes on to say that there is no point in changing if that's how others are going to see you.

What is interesting is that he had proven this point wrong before he mentions it, to some degree I think, as well as afterwards.

All in all, this film was really excellent and has something for both the young and old.


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