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If you think that you know everything there is to know about comic books, you're probably wrong. The superhero worlds are some of the most dense fictional universes ever created, always hiding a plethora of hidden Easter Eggs and secret facts about our favorite characters that are waiting to be discovered.

Amuse, educate and inform yourselves with a round-up of ten snippets of information (you probably didn't know) below:

1. Thanos tries to actively avoid conflicts with the Hulk

Just as well, probably.

2. Venom was once shot with bullets, forcing him to absorb them and to spit them back as if his mouth were a machine gun

Bad. Ass.

3. The Silver Surfer's board was once broken by Hercules

Herc then went on to kill him with it.

4. Toxin can grant its host abilities to fully shape-shift

This is unlike Venom, Anti-Venom and Carnage, who can only shape-shift their clothing.

5. Alfred once beat up Superman

Yep, that happened.

6. Cyborg is connected to every computer on Earth

This includes the Batcomputer. In fact, he's even tapped into Arkham's security system.

7. Aquaman was once a representative at the United Nations

He represented Atlantis.

8. Wolverine's sense of smell is super strong

So much so, that he admits to being able to smell light waves. Woah.

9. Both of the Silver Surfer's parents killed themselves


10. Wonder Woman doesn't know the limit to her strength

In fact, she even once said:

"I don't really know. It's difficult to find an upper limit against which to test myself."

Watch Gal Gadot's adaptation in action here in Batman v Superman:

Which fact surprised you the most?



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