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(Warning: The following contains potential SPOILERS for future episodes - and indeed seasons - of 'Arrow'. Proceed with whatever level of caution that suggests to you is wise - and maybe don't click on the SPOILER-protected stuff if you don't want to know any specifics...)

Now, as you may have heard through the online grapevine, a handful of paparazzi-snatched images have emerged from the set of DC and The CW's Arrow over the past few days, purporting to reveal just who'll be taking their place in the mysterious grave-site we were teased right at the start of the season.

Here's the thing, though. As Arrow producer Marc Guggenheim recently argued, those paparazzi shots have a tendency to ruin the surprise of such moments for many fans - especially when they turn up well outside the bounds of spoiler-protection. As he put it to The Hollywood Reporter:

"Look, it’s not cool. Straight up...Honestly, I just look at these paparazzi people as like, they're just spoiling it for everybody. They're taking a big steaming dump on the work that all these people do."

Which, whether you agree with it or not, is a pretty compelling argument to a) not post those spoiler-ific images here, and b) spoiler-protect the hell out of the reveal in question, so that anyone who wants to retain the element of surprise come the episode's arrival can do so unimpeded by said forbidden knowledge.

In other words?

Don't Click The SPOILER-Protected Box Below If You Don't Want To Know Who's In The Grave

Y'see, the contents of the fuzzy, clickable area just below this paragraph do, in fact, contains major SPOILERS for the next episode of Arrow. Click on at your own risk - and if you prefer not to, never fear, the rest of the article isn't going to mention it.

The purportedly deceased character is...Dinah Laurel Lance, a.k.a. The Black Canary - though it's worth noting that this could easily be a fake out on the part of the show's creative team.

The thing is, though...

Marc Guggenheim Might Just Have Revealed Something Even Bigger Than That Death

Specifically, as he just so happened to mention in that same interview:

"Dead is not goodbye...We definitely recognize across all three shows [Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow] that when we kill off a character, it means something different now. I'm not going to put a qualitative judgment on whether it's more or less impactful. I'll leave that up to the audience. But certainly, we acknowledge that there's a difference. Arrow much more so than Flash or Legends, for a lot of reasons, it traffics in death. For better or for worse, death is a part of the show. What we're finding as we're pushing into season five, the show has to evolve. The concept of death on the show is evolving and changing as we've seen with Sara Lance. As the show has evolved, so has death."

In other words? Don't worry too much if the eventual resident of that there grave turns out to be your favorite character. After all, it seems that Arrow may not be overly wedded to the permanence of death - very much leaving the door open for their - or others' - return.

Or, y'know, Guggenheim might just be messing with us. We'll likely find out - at least in part - once Arrow returns tonight.

What do you reckon, though?


Is death no longer really a thing in 'Arrow'?

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