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Bettie Page. Everyone knows about the Queen of Pinups, defining the '50s as her own, as she modeled in different outfits and without any outfits at all. It's hard not to turn your head and many of current trends in fashion and pop culture all started with one beautiful girl from Nashville.

Bettie Page Reveals All is the heartfelt story of her journey, narrated by Bettie herself, in that southern, welcoming, accent.

Credit: Music Box Films
Credit: Music Box Films

With the help of some of Bettie's biggest fans and researchers, as well as some people who she's met along the way, we get a bigger, more detailed picture, about everything she has ever done in her life and her career.

In an entertaining fashion, everything essential there is to know about Bettie Page is included in this movie, from her youth, to the beginning of her modeling career, passing through her influence in today's pop culture, we get front row seats to it all.

In a world of Kardashians, be Bettie Page!


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