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The average person sleeps about 8 hours a day, which means that the average person will basically sleep a third of their life. Within all of that time spent sleeping, it's no wonder why people are so fascinated with dreams and even more so, nightmares. Some people don't remember much about their dreams and some people can't seem to forget them. Most of us will suffer from Sleep Paralysis at least once in our lifetime. There are those that are plagued by it on a regular basis with experiences so vivid they wish they could record them to show others the unusual and extraordinary journey. One creative guy has mastered the ability to do just that.

Meet Dae Delong better known as DAETRIX , a restless hard working artist and music producer from Chicago who is re-animating his most epic dreams into a suspenseful sci-fi anime series entitled DAETRIX AMALGAMATION.
The story focuses on various stages of the life of a creative guru and his lovely companion. The most impacting tales of his real life and dreams begin to collide, as we follow long his journeys to other worlds beyond dreams and the supernatural things we choose to ignore in reality.
The series will consist of short episodes that when combined will make a full biopic film. Working his day job as a professional multimedia producer and self taught animator, DAETRIX speaks on his trials of getting support via crowd funding and why he wants to remain independent.

"It is one of my life goals to complete this project, but it's tough to find people who support my efforts and hard work. I want this project to remain independent and bring it to life by finding those who will relate to my stories or simply be entertained by them enough to support the process. By doing so, this series can remain unique and told from the artists point of view."

DAETRIX stays on his independent path by launching his project on Patreon.
You can help his productions by contributing to his creative page here.

For those still in the dark on crowd funding, Patreon is a crowd funding site that helps artists gain ongoing backing for creative projects. Patrons can donate as little as a dollar per creative thing uploaded. This way, artists are free to stay creative and do what they love most while sharing their creations with like-minded people.

DAETRIX invests all he has into his work in hopes to perform as an indie production studio. From what I've seen from first glances at the initial episodes and a fourth in the making, the vivid visions of Daetrix have turned into a unique and stylistic animation that has us eager to see more.

Animated series watch page:

For more on DAETRIX and his creative endeavors, see his Patreon page:


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