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He's Back! (Again...)

Forget Batman V Superman and the Lego Movie, an all-new animated movie is back in the works! Warner Bros Studios is drifting back over to producing a Speedy Gonzales movie again. We see all these other universes expanding out with films, now it’s time for the return of Looney Tunes. The incredibly fast paced mouse Speedy Gonzales is hitting the big screen!

Warner Bros intended for a Speedy Gonzales movie to be in cinemas back in 2010. The studio was looking at a hybrid CG/live-action film that would have seen him working with a nervous racing driver. For the film in 2010, American comedian George Lopez was going to produce and voice Speedy Gonzales. But this never actually got into the production stage.

But today, the studio are looking a fully CG version of Speedy Gonzales movie. Mexican filmmaker Eugenio Derbez will be voicing the mouse. There is currently no news as to who else will be starring in it or any plot details. But Speedy Gonzales does have a bit of history to him. Gonzales debuted on our screens back in the 1950s. He then became an enemy of Sylvester the cat. Gonzales also starred in an Oscar winning short film back in 1955. But the big question is, can he or will he get another golden statue with his brand new movie hitting screens in the coming years? That’s if this movie gets finished.


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