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Andrew Lincoln's 'The Walking Dead' character Rick Grimes has found himself in a rather unpleasant situation of the show's season 6 finale! Rick had been caught by 'The Saviours' and was forced to his knees at the mercy of the mighty leader Negan.

By the sounds of it, Andrew Lincoln is heartbroken and has been speaking to 'Variety'. Andrew said this in an interview:

"The moment that Rick gets to his knees and acquiesces and almost hands the crown to Negan, it’s done. I was very consciously trying to position Rick in this place where all he’s fought for and killed for these last few years has been smashed all around him in that final scene."

In this interview, Andrew explained that reading the script made him feel "physically sick". Andrew Lincoln then added:

"It was the frustration I felt that I play this man who had answers to every available situation up until this point. I felt just powerless and frustrated and thwarted and angry and all of the things when I was reading it. It made me so upset. I think I was feeling all of the things you’re supposed to feel when watching it: It’s over. I’m so used to playing someone who had a way out or had an answer and I had to play a man who got to his knees. This felt like a demolishing of all of this work that had happened over six years. Negan has got a baseball bat and he’s smashing everything I’ve fought for."

Of course after the episode, Lincoln was questioned about the gruesome murder. The actors themselves have no clue who snuffed it. It remains a mystery. Well not for too long. Viewers at home have to sit patiently until the show returns for season 7 in October this year.

"Because it’s too painful and too intense, we made a pact on set that we won’t speak about it. I apologize but I can’t talk about it."

The show returns on FOX this October.


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